NEAR Local Community Groups

Requesting feedback on this proposal to launch NEAR Local, an open consortium with member organizations and community leaders collaborating to drive adoption of NEAR.

Hello NEAR!

As I understand, there is a need for knowledge sharing about standards + best practices in / across communities. NEAR Local is a response to this need – our mission is to engage contributors (near and far) in order to coordinate initiatives for exploration, research, professional development, and enterprise adoption. We learn better together!

This post explores how to create a specific entity with members and functions to support necessary Working Groups and DAOs, uniting citizens of the open web worldwide.

Evolving Systems for Onboarding, Coordination, and Support

NEAR Local is a self-sustainable agency that unlocks the potential of Working Groups, DAOs, and local communities by developing programs to address problems for members.

NEAR Local Objectives

To enable better knowledge sharing and collaboration, we identified 3 primary goals:

  • Onboarding: turning quality engagement into meaningful adoption of NEAR
  • Coordination: ensuring alignment to maximize opportunities and minimize risks
  • Support: helping anyone succeed in the NEAR ecosystem and beyond!

NEAR Local Functions

To activate contributors and member communities, we plan to do the following:

  • Produce educational resources to help contributors teach others about NEAR
  • Onboard contributors to develop and grow their own regional and local communities
  • Certify solutions that meet industry requirements (awarding Near Social badges)
  • Cultivate opportunities for new business partnerships and ecosystem projects


NEAR Local can fill the gaps in decentralized governance systems and processes with consistent and reliable infrastructure that enables Working Groups and DAOs to…

 → focus on doing the work to share knowledge and resources.
 → offer incentives for addressing problems in the NEAR ecosystem.
 → create proposals together as representatives of the community.

Regional NEAR communities and contributors may benefit from language-specific Working Groups, local DAOs, and further localization efforts. Hence why the NEAR Local Community Group is our flagship engagement program.

Why Join Our Community Group?

There is tremendous value in collaborating with NEAR ecosystem leaders and industry experts around the world. NEAR Local members can leverage our platform to connect with fellow contributors, gather insights, find opportunities, and solve critical problems.

Membership benefits include:

  • Specific roles and permissions in the on-chain, grassroots communities of NEAR
  • Education and training programs for local event organizers and other contributors
  • Badges for members who uphold ecosystem principles and best practices


Submit proposals to add members to the NEAR Local DAO, and follow us on Near Social.


STEP 1: Click the green “+” button to create a proposal

→ Select “for a general vote for a decision” (no need for preliminary discussion).

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 9.09.59 AM

STEP 2: Choose “Propose to Add Member to Group” in the dropdown menu of Proposal Types.

→ Input a brief description, pick Community as the Group, and a NEAR account ID as the Target.

STEP 3: Click “Propose” then review before finally clicking “Approve” to submit your proposal.

→ Refer to the proposals page to see if it has been submitted.

That’s it! You have applied for membership.

Feedback Welcome

Please reply here with any questions or comments :slight_smile:


You’re brilliant @jlwaugh ! The best alternative of centralized, not transparent, NDC project. We are just listening to NDC leaders about “community and diversity,” but it is only “words.”


Thanks for starting this initiative. I would like to connect and explore the opportunities in educational and training programs.

Please find my joining request


Just applied! ^^ Want to support and participate.

We started a project called Web 4 Society a while ago, that can contribute as an experimental environment, that we want to present and invite you to be part of it as we have similar points of view.

Very nice initiative.


Really happy to support this initiative!


Hey @jlwaugh!

Amazing initiative. Is there any workshop or AMA planned where all interested members could discuss this further?

Also Creatives DAO has formed a support working group. Your options and ideas would be very valuable.