Question about decentralization

You will see question at the end of this text.
I’m not a dev, not a person who actively take part in any project or government. I’m regular person who entered NEAR ecosystem and contributing in activities.
So as a man who is not enough smart for coding but have some money for investing - I’m trying to find projects which can be interesting in future for community and I can get benefits on a long-term. I’m making deep research about each project which I wanna invest in and within year (yes, it’s my experience with NEAR) I noticed next:

  • same persons could be responsible for significant amount of different projects. As an almost 15 years experience in fiat-world I don’t think that hard and soft skills may be completely vary in crypto-world. Regarding that - impossible to manage/develop/advertise a lot of stuff at the same time with proper expectations. The biggest concern for me, and as an example - @Aescobar (I do not question the professionalism of this person).
    But he/she/them not only one example. I saw and continuing see a lot of “mixed” roles for the same person.

Just as promised at the beginning - question time. But you get more than one question
Is it ok with decentralization when 20-30 people could be responsible for 100 positions?
Do they have zero impact on whole wave of esosystems progression?
Are you sure that it’s a proper way?
Because VBs, elections showed that community are not working now. And will not work in future with

a cauldron in which the same borscht is cooked with the same ingredients, but for some reason everyone expects a different taste every time