[Q3 OKRs] James Waugh - Community Squad - Advocacy Specialist

Here are my objectives and key results for Q3. Feedback is much appreciated!

Role: Community Manager

I believe transparent collaboration facilitates coordination around the purpose of NEAR: building the best possible universe, where all people have control of their data, money, and power of governance. Overall, my goal is to maximize positive impact by driving progress through creativity and greater accountability.

For Q3, I am responsible for leading initiatives that support key focus areas:

  1. Engagement
  2. Adoption
  3. Advocacy


I am working closely with teammates who are responsible for the areas of Guild Success, Community Engagement, and Successful Events.

Guild Success ~ Ecosystem Value Creation

Key Results:

  • growing the number of contributors
  • improving NEAR community experience
  • promoting responsible distribution of NEAR

Essentially, I help contributors in the process of interacting with DAOs, and I will review Community Fund proposals to insure accountability. I’m responsible for timely participation by members of the Community Squad DAO Council.

I will provide weekly “Governance Updates” including reports on the Community Squad DAO / Ecosystem Treasury DAO and links to reports from other prominent DAOs. I’m also looking forward to educating more community participants about how to use Sputnik DAOs / Astro.

I plan to document use cases that demonstrate DAOs as improved systems of accountability for contributors and guilds. Also, I’m organizing weekly Q&A sessions about DAOs, and I’ve been collaborating with a team of researchers to coordinate a 3-month research initiative about decentralized governance.

Support Onboarding ~ Open Web Contributors

  • Assist new users and help them find opportunities
  • Provide bi-weekly analytics reports, along with lessons learned from Open Web Sandbox
  • Align with Sandbox leadership and build consensus around coordination systems
  • Support development of guides and educational content for newcomers
  • Support Sandboxers in the implementation of analytics

Community Engagement ~ Participation

I will conduct proactive communication with ecosystem members, providing updates and insuring active participation via the Forum and Discord.

Key Results:

  • Share biweekly Governance updates on the Forum
  • Share weekly reports on Discord activity
  • Actively participate in Forum discussions and encourage new members to participate
  • Create a standard process to give feedback to proposal owners via Forum, and keep everyone up to date with proposal status
  • Oversee development of NEAR profiles and reputation systems
  • Answer questions from developers and others in the community

Successful Events ~ Hackathons and Meetups

I’m focused on helping to coordinate amazing experiences at community events, and I’ll keep ecosystem members informed about relevant opportunities / activities to increase awareness and participation.

Key Results:

  • Become a key amplifier of announcements via the Forum and Discord
  • Establish a standard process for distributing information to extend reach
  • Support growth hacking efforts with AMAs (source questions from participants)
  • Support event promotion and provide high-quality experiences

Adoption and Advocacy

I’ll be the main point of contact for Community Advocacy, which means onboarding new team members on Discord and the Forum, along with related Guilds. I’ll work closely with the DevRel Guild Advocacy Lead and Community Builder and Advocacy Lead.

Integration ~ Community OS

I will facilitate integration of new tools into the Community OS, while supporting promotion and onboarding communities implementing Community OS. We will publish Community OS ‘Use Cases’ that help community members learn about new NEAR-powered tools/apps.

Ecosystem Success ~ Accountability

I will drive initiatives that create value and further enable projects built on NEAR. Generally, I serve as a point of contact for DAOs that need technical and / or governance support. I’m also going to analyze performance and historical use of DAOs, providing retrospective reports on these results every other week.


  • How did the fund allocation perform?
  • How did governance of the DAOs work?
  • How do members make decisions?

Execution Plan

30 Days

  • Release Open Web Contributor Playbook
  • Develop leads for Community OS and Guild Program
  • Create forum topic about multi-DAO accountability → implicit reputation
  • Plan our next hackathon and coordinate local events with Sandboxers
  • Revamp the /community repository on GitHub

60 Days

  • Collaborate with Open Web Contributors to introduce NEAR profiles
  • Launch “Governauts Program” to incentivize knowledge sharing (research output)
  • Produce hackathon and support hackers building valuable projects

90 Days

  • Establish Governance DAO(s) for meta processes of community decisions
  • More hackathons and local events! #NEARglobal

Metrics of Success

  • Max 15% of dropped leads through funnel
  • NPS 8 ~ onboarding experience
  • Talent incubation within the ecosystem (%Contributors growth)
  • 9 local, community-driven events
  • AMA participation
  • Project ideas generated from hackathons and DAO proposals
  • NEAR 40% account growth
  • 20% increase of Sputnik DAO users
  • 15 new projects in the ecosystem
  • 30% more contributors supporting projects
  • 30% lead conversion from hackathons

Ooo oo I want to definitely hear more about:

  • this local event coordination you’re planning on;
  • how we can align analytics and lessons learned from the OWS as you’re planning on capturing them and the plans already at work through the OWS Airtable @Sofia_Alum @videvidts;
  • how might the “Governauts Program” and OWS potentially work together so any researchers in the Sandbox and individuals intrigued by crypto governance can be rewarded/incentivized to contribute to this research and conversation.

Also where does the Altruism DAO I’ve heard bits and pieces about fit in into your plans for Q3? Could this be one of the new DAO verticals launched by the end of the 90 days? @shreyas @jcatnear @3UN1C3 @chloe


Thanks for asking!

  • I’m helping coordinate a multi-DAO project for local and regional guilds organizing hackathons. Basically, the inspiration is ETHGlobal, and the motivation is to build capacity around the world, in order to successfully incubate new guilds and promote sustainable ecosystem development. For example, offering a “Hackathon Playbook” is good, but we should also provide technical support and other kinds of resources. Think of #NEARglobal as a way to connect guilds and their events, rewarding those who contribute across geographic borders.
  • I’d prefer to follow their lead! Maybe they already have plans to give us weekly updates on community growth, engagement, and project completion. Was actually thinking about consolidating by reporting on the OWS and NEAR Discord servers in the weekly “Community Metrics” forum threads.
  • Our interdisciplinary team of lead researchers, a.k.a Mission Control, is preparing to announce our next steps, and I’ll share a forum post about how Open Web Contributors may get involved. The Governauts will experiment with Sputnik DAO and other applications ~ ideally, the research output can help by informing development of a NEAR Ecosystem Treasury DAO.

Re: Altruism DAOs ~ keep an eye out for a proposal to develop a system like Gitcoin Grants. Would love to work with Panvala to get nPAN matching for charitable DAOnations! Maybe it can be a whole category of DAOs?