[Purposal] We planning next Near meetup in Goa part 3

Hi guys
If u think to create wallet and show to people how to post NFT its fast and easy ? Try urself it ones​:see_no_evil::hugs: it takes long time to explain for new people and answering so many questions

Therefore i want to ask for our inform people request support with funding

Also if u want people continue using wallets, then have to make some activity like contests with some prizes it gives people more interested in Near ecosystem in apps

Bacause i think we need continue this meeting in Goa

We did two meet-up already i can give videolinks if u want to see this reports

Next meetup we can plan about Mintbase to show people how to mint music and video there also artworks

I just want to ask if someone already can support us with funding with this meetup

How much they can pay for us,
And what is important for mintbase?
What u expect from our meetup?

Some difficult for mintbase if we created wallets we need open store on Mintbase for practice? If yes, we need add this new name wallwts immediately, if u can do help us with it

Thank you


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@dmitryne can you please submit your proposal according to the format below:

Title and description

The project description does not need to be long, but it has to give us enough information about your idea. Think of it as an elevator pitch.

Project benefits

We also ask how you see your project benefiting the Mintbase and NEAR ecosystem. If you are unsure about how to answer this question, keep reading. In this article we explain what kinds of projects we are looking to fund.


If you have a larger project, it’s useful to break it down into parts. Let us know which deliverables you plan to have at the end of each part. We pay after completion, so breaking the project in parts will also help you get part of the funding earlier, as soon as each part is completed, instead of waiting until the whole project is done.


We suggest three categories of funding, but feel free to ask for other amounts. The suggested categories are:
– 25 NEAR (smaller projects)
– 75 NEAR (medium projects)
– 150 NEAR (larger projects)

Thank you!


NEAR and Mintbase in our Life (for creators, musicians, atrists )

We planning to make meeting for people who interested to create and sell NFT especially on Mintbase, for musicians, atrists and video makers

Project benefits

I dont know what is this event benefit, it just be usual meetup where we show ans explain to people about creating NFT on mint mintbase


It can be meeting one evening in Arambol, Goa, for 2-3 hours, if u can fund us we can try making contests too but

Very important :fire::fire::fire:
In during this meeting we need one online person who can in realtime add all new created wallets to your store where new persons can be able to create NFT
Thank you :blush:


I think we start from small, let us try

– 25 NEAR (smaller projects)


I am afraid we’ll need concrete details on how you’re planning to spend the money + why are you doing this and what benefits it will bring to NEAR and Mintbase + what are the actual plans for the events.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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We have in team
3-7 people who can explain people abbout mintbase and Near
First need to create wallet, after so many questions we recieved from new persons, after we creating NFT on mintbase

My answer can be after u can say me

:sos: How much we need pay people who work like informer on event like helper, personally
Explain and showing how to create wallwt how to post NFT? For 2-3 hours , for one informer???

After u give me this information , i can say u , how we can spend budget :blush::hugs:

Thank you

@dmitryne we’re looking to fund projects that are building or raising awareness for Mintbase, so I am afraid this is not the right fit for us at the moment. We do thank you for reaching out and submitting a proposal. Really appreciate your time.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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It just idea, no problem

If ready to support let us know, thank you

Thank you for ur reply and your time to answer :blush:


I doing it to inform people around about abilities in NEAR, and i think it helps to both sides for creators and NEAR with Mintbase too

If some new people can know information about abilities with NEAR and especially with Mintbase is benefit for all

If creators who mint on Mintbase can sale artworks it is too benefit for all

For me and our team benefit is your support , cause we invest our time and energy to spread information about NEAR and Mintbase
Slowly but step by step it can come more

And actual plan for event is say people about Mintbase for creators and practice with minting NFT there

Thanks @dmitryne appreciate it. As discussed on Telegram we won’t be moving further with this project

No problem, if u cant support us

(It is not first same answer 🤷😊)

I just saw i didnt reply to ur questions

Mintbase is part of NEAR ecosystem if we can do it then we can do it for promotion all ecosystem NEAR common

Hi guys
@jlwaugh @pransh @theChosenOne
If u want synchronise our meet up in Goa
I think we can do it again 1-th or 3-th December 2021

I will update u soon


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Hi everyone

1 December 2021, 19:00
Goa Arambol,
NEAR and Mintbase, creating music and video NFT
meetup at Magic tree Cafe

The event will be helpful for:

:butterfly: to know how to create music or video NFT on @mintbase_ market
:butterfly: to know how to sell NFT on @mintbase_
:butterfly: to know how to promote it with @nearnft
:butterfly: common questions about @near_protocol and blockchain technology

@theChosenOne @jlwaugh @pransh


Small video report here

Our meeting visited not so many people
We created 1 wallet, but this meeting we not focused on creating wallets. There was around 7 new people who find us by internet and friends of friends talks.

With new people we had nice discussion about NFT, blockchain, for 4 people i explain about Mintbase and show them algorithm of mint on Mintbase with my phone.

We cant create some NFT with others cause they still dont have accses to mint on Mintbase, even our team guys like @Neh
But anyway we try do permission to mint on Mintbase for our team to learn more people to do it

@Neh already was posted here her Near name and potfolio here

But still she dont have permission 🤷

Anyway i think we did nice warm meeting with new people and good atmosphere about NEAR discussion, NFT, music and open web

Thank you :blush:


Wow! Seems like everyone had a lot of fun at the meetup. We would love to know about your experience hosting these meetups and how can we help you.

CC: @pransh