[Propsal] Musical & Content NFT Creation

Hy family… its your boy 2keys a musician, an influencer, comedian and a content creator
Apparently, ive been around for a while as a former moderator of Scout but presently now a Moderator of our #family-dao I am proposing to bring a support to The NEAR name and the ecosystem with my visual content and music.

One of The content I dropped is now counting over 4.7million views now on tiktok.

I want to Create 3 Tracks music ep content Talking about the NEAR block chain, life of a youth and hustle.

This song will be constantly pushed with my content frequently on tiktok, its always gonna follow with the hashtag of NEAR Protocol and NEAR Logo in the videos, to create more awareness about the Blockhain platform

I’ll be needing $500 to carry out the projects in where by

$300 will go for production and recording of the 3 songs
$100 will go for mixing mastering of the 3 songs
$50 for artwork and $50 to run instagram ad that will run for 3weeks long.
shooting video content and editing will be free because i have the equipments needed.

5 visual content to frequently share on instagram and tiktok
onboarding and activation of wallets for workers that will be participating in every project
3 ArtWorks
thousand numbers of views is expected on each videos shared on social media
all content will also be minted as NFTs in FAMILY DAO Mintbase store.

walletid: 2keyzofficial.near

@DUCHESS1 @Jummyk @sterryo