[Proposal] Family DAO 4 Tracks / 4 Artists Music Collaboration Project

Purpose of this project

  • To bring collaboration between our newly Onboarded artists from the web 2 platform across 3 Nationalities 1 UK :uk: , 1 USA :us: & 2 Nigerians :nigeria: . into the web3 platform for the purpose of giving each artiste a chance to feature one another in each songs produced which will give to split royalties on each tracks and also being able to tap into various fans and share smart contract. How will this happen? Artist A will leave a verse for preferred artists be to feature in,
    As well as C will do for D also (What happens to β€œA” happens to β€œB” in this project)
  • To Educate the onboarded musicians about the NEAR BLOCKCHAIN, WEB3 MUSIC, NFTs, NEAR Tools and dapps, TAMAGO, on the Metaverse, Our Family DAO Arena on NEARHUB, ASTRODAO, MINTBASE, PARAS, NEAR.SOCIAL etc.
  • & How to mint NFTs ,Transact with NEAR wallet and make smart contracts with their wallets.
  • To promote Creatives DAO, Family DAO and NEAR NFTs

All songs will be minted as NFTs on TAMAGO ,Family DAO MINTBASE Store by the artists as taught on Telegram, the revenue being split by 40%/40% between the collaborating artists and 20% to the Family dao treasury.
Snippets of songs NFTs will be introduced on each artists Social media handle, with the tag of CREATIVES DAO

Artists to Receive Half payment to start the Job, then complete balance after Job all complete


BizONtheTrack Nigerian Artist/Producer bizzonthetrack.near

@Jblaw East LONDON, UK Based Artist Telegram: @Naturebello

Darse Nigerian Based Artist/Producer Telegram @DaRsE_Drumz

@HMDsound North Carolina, USA based Artist Telegram: @hmdsound hmdsound.near

Activities & Timelines

  • Education & Enlightenment about web3 music, NEAR dapps and decentralisation - 1st week of June
  • Production & Recording - 2nd to 3rd week of June
  • Mixing & Mastering - 4th week of june
  • 50% 1st Payment to each artists - 2nd week of June
  • 50% Balance up after all jobs done - After Release of music
  • Teaching How to mint - 3rd week of July
  • Minting by each artists - 3rd/4th week of July
  • Engagement with NEAR.SOCIAL and sharing of content - Frequently
  • Artwork Bounties payment- as soon as all arts ready
  • sharing of content on Social - 4th week of Juky


  • Engagement with NEAR dapps frequently
  • Collaborations between all 4 artists
  • 4 Music NFTs to be created,
  • 4 Tracks to be added to playlists on Tamago
  • 4 art works to be created by already existing community members from other DAOs on the ecosystem
  • Half of the money to be paid to 4 Artists for their premium studio time, production, mixing and mastering
  • 4 Artists to open accounts on the NEAR.SOCIAL
  • Education To The Musicians about NEAR DAPPs on our Telegram channel
  • Artistes will also promote these songs on their platforms, and can perform it individually on stage
  • Songs will be performed in the Metaverse on Our Family DAO Arena on NEARHUB
  • To onboard the engineer and new producers


Program Amount (USD)
Production, Premium and Studio Time 150 x2 for darse.near and bizzonthetrack.near $300
Production, Premium and Studio Time for hmdsound.near $150
Production, Premium and Studio Time for jblaw.near $150
All songs will be forwarded to EyorPapi for mixing and mastering as negotiated eyorpapi.near $50 each 4 songs (a very friendly price ) $200
Artwork (Bounty) $50 x4 $120


Supervisors @DUCHESS1 @2keyz @sterryo


bizzy on the track :stars:

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