[Proposals] J.TARI The Magnificent

posting for (@obaking) J.Tari cos his account is new and he cant post at the moment, so he shared this


Hello fellas, I’m J.tari

A singer, an entrepreneur, a songwriter, a music director and a producer. I’ve written songs for several celebrities in Nigeria such as Perruzi, Psquare, Buckwyla, etc

I also write, produce and record songs for the children in my dialect such as… which has over 248k views on Youtube

Onboarded to the NEAR Blockchain through a friend who has been putting me through the whole system, feels good for creatives dao to resume, and feels good to be ready to start building projects.

I will be trying my first music NFT with family DAO as they promised to be supporting music & art after resumption
I will be making a 2 singles freshly produced, mixed and mastered, with 2 artworks to be minted exclusively on the NEAR Blockchain.

I will also be writing, producing and recording 1 song for children as this generates so many streams automatically on the web2 streaming platforms.

The songs will be 3 minutes long, mixed and mastered with an artwork which its artwork will be minted on the NEAR Blockchain.

There will also be a cartoon Animation videos representing each song to attract viewers,

“Sponsored by NEAR” and some information about NEAR will be in graphics on the animation to announce the name of NEAR wider.


3 songs
3 artworks
1 Cartoon Animation
Mint on NEAR Blockchain
Share on all social medias
Upload on Family DAO Youtube

Fund breakdown:
3 Songs production,recording,$300
mixing and mastering $150
1 Cartoon Animation $250
Artworks $50
Social media ads. $50

Total money required $800


J.tari. near
@DUCHESS1 @sterryo @2keyz