[Approved] INCUBADORA DAO - funding proposal for MARCH - 2023



DAO introduction

Incubadora DAO entered the NEAR ecosystem in May 2021. It’s a laboratory for experimentation in art and web 3 technologies, mainly operating as a gateway for traditional artists to experiment and on-board the NEAR ecosystem. It has organized a major artistic residency in September-August of 2021, with 8 artists and around 12 online sessions of workshops and seminars around the themes of VR, AR, digital art, NFTs, DAOs and digital museology, which served as a platform for the subsequent creation of several DAOs and projects using Mintbase, 3XR, NEARHubs and the NEAR NFT technologies.

Over the last two years we launched six editions of our Artist Stipend Program and one NFT creation contest witch supported more than 40 visual artists, dancers and writers who were invited to mint artworks in our Mintbase Art Store. Through our educational program we were able to promote 8 online seminars on art and technology, several video tutorials on how to create NFTs and deploy NFT stores on Mintbase. In partnership with muti DAO and LENS DAO we also made a NFT workshop in person with the goal to teach artists about the possibilities of Web3 in a more hands on process. All together, our educational activities has mobilized more than 5k people between participants and enthusiasts who watched our content online.

Even before the current changes in the Creatives DAO funding model, and recognizing in the NFT ecosystem @ NEAR one of the areas in which we should invest and develop, for the greater good of the community, we had already deployed changes in our strategy, investing more time and resources on purely web3 activities revolving around NFTs.

In general, our artist stipends began focusing exclusively on NFT-artists, we co-organized several editions of the NFTropolis NFT Art Fair (all online; currently being submitted to a Grant from the Portuguese State, with a big partnership from a Portuguese Museum). Most importantly, we received an activation grant from NF to work on an app focused on selling NFts.

Why team is best for the funds

Our team, besides being in the web3 space for almost 2 years, has an impeccable track-record of funding and subsequent results. Furthermore, we have ample experience in web2 (and offline) projects. As a plus, some of its members helped grow the community enourmously, having been core members of the Creatives DAO council for several months.

The core team consists of 5 people.

  • frnvpr.near is a published author and works in scriptwriting for major films in the Portuguese industry. Has experience in the production of short-films, feature-films and has worked for over 10 years in collaboration with production houses. Some of the films in which he worked were showcased in festivals around the world. He is a founder member of Incubadora DAO and, invited by NF, worked as a council of the Creatives DAO, Virtual Reality DAO and Lisbon City Node DAO. He participated in projects such as 3XR, helped organize the NFT exhibition at the first NEARCon Lisbon (September 2021), helped the community transition from sputnikdao to astrodao (taskforce organized by NF) and many more projects over his time in the ecosystem.

  • jmm.near is a visual artists and co-founder of Incubadora DAO. She graduated in Drawing at Ar.Co School and has attended Fashion Degree at University of Sao Paulo, having received a Scholarship to study abroad at University of Lisbon. She also attended Arts and Humanities at University of Lisbon. Her art practice combines works with Drawing, Installation and Multimedia having recently experimented with new media (3D, photography and video).

  • samiasns.near holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at ISCTE- IUL and graduated in Museology at Brasília University. Her research is based on the study of possible relationships between new technologies, museums and Art. She has experience in working with museums, with emphasis on cataloguing collections, preventive conservation and setting up exhibitions. She has worked as a museologist in several Brazilian institutions such as Casa da Memória da Arte Brasileira, Galeria de Arte do Banco Central, Museu Vivo da Memória Candanga, among other spaces. Currently she participates in the European project Migrantour with the Associação Renovar a Mouraria and also works with the Coletivo Tarimba. Coletivo Tarimba is an art collective founded in Lisbon, in 2018, by eight women working in the arts and humanities. Tarimba was born from a desire to promote the work of young artists internationally and within the Portuguese contemporary art scene - curators, collectors and researchers. Without their own space, Tarimba works in partnership with alternative and institutional venues to promote exhibitions. Besides that, the collective has a social program to include the local community in their activities. @tarimbacoletivo, www.tarimbacoletivo.com

  • hlc.near holds a bachelor’s degree in Museology from the University of Brasília and has a master’s degree in Cultural Management from ISCTE-IUL. Has experience in Museology, curation and cultural production, with an emphasis on education and innovation in museums, technical processing and conservation of collections, exhibition assembly, participatory inventory and Social Museology. Over the years, she worked in the educational services of the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) and the Museu Vivo da Memória Candanga. She worked in preventive conservation of the collection of the Casa da Memória da Arte Brasileira and the Art Gallery of the Central Bank of Brazil. She has lived for 5 years in Lisbon, where she was part of the creation of Coletivo Tarimba. Currently, she’s an intercultural guide for the European Migrantour Project with the Renovar a Mouraria Association, is part of the EGEAC’s Museum of Aljube Resistance and Freedom team and is, also, one of the people in charge of the Incubadora DAO, a collective integrated into the NEAR ecosystem.

  • mcap.near is a multifaceted professional with more than 10 years experience as an arts producer and coordinator. After a degree in Envrionmental Engineering at the Instituto Politécnico of Setubal she decided to follow her passion in performative arts and studied an intensive in Production of Cultural Events at Restart. The professional journey started at Companhia de Dança de Almada where she became the Head of Production for their festival – Quinzena Dança de Almada – which was followed by an INOV – ART award to work abroad.She then worked as a producer in the Netherlands, supporting emerging choreographers, moved to The United Kingdom where she produced dance pieces that featured at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and collaborated with British Dance Edition 2014. More recently she managed The Wonder Inn, an arts venue that started as a grassroots project and after two years became one of the most talked-about venues of Manchester. Since 2021 she uses her experience and knowledge in Web3 projects, exploring the possibilities that this new world can provide to the arts in general and to those who create it – the artists.

Achievement information about the DAO

What has your DAO achieved till now as a community? Quantitative and qualitative information.

1. Share the content links of youtube Instagram with numbers of engagement, website etc, events done IRL

Since we launched our web page, on december 2021, we were able to reach almost 9k access by 6k different ursers across the globe. Some of the most accessed pages are related to our activities, such as stipends and workshops. The numbers below reflect how we have been able to reach artists across the portuguese speaking countries, our target.

IG is the main social media channel for Incubadora. This is the place where we connect our Web3 activities with artists and curators interested in alternative ways to make, display and monetize their work. Over the last two years we became one of the biggest DAOs under the creatives category on IG, reaching 3.367 followers. Our presence on IG is responsible for more than 80% of the 500 subscriptions to attend monthly seminars or the approximately 200 candidates of our open calls. Last month, even without funding, we were able to increase our engagement.

This channel is focused on the NFT community and we normally use it to promote our artists and to connect with crypto enthusiasts and our web3 partners. We’ve reached 1220 followers and more than 1.2k impressions in the last active trimester.

YouTube is the chanel where we keep our community and enthusiasts interacting with us in the long term. There, people can watch our past seminars, video tutorials on how to interact with the NEAR ecosystem and also CUBA SHOTS, an artist interview program developed with CUDO DAO. So far, we reached 195 subscribers and almost 9k content views.

2. Share the number of proposals created, How many councils, size of community, number of NFTs in mintbase, events done in metaverse

  • number of council members: 5
  • number of on-chain community member: 70
  • number of astrodao proposals: 1029
  • number of sputnikdao proposals: 95 (before transition)
  • number of TG member: around 200, reached 220 before the bear market (Telegram is not widely used in Portugal, so we do not consider this number to have much relevance)
  • number of NFTs on Mintbase: 945
  • Link to our Gorilla Shops page: https://gorillashops-artincubadora-d38bce4e87bd0ff0.netlify.app/products
  • We had several metaverse events, using both NEARHubs and 3XR; for example: Poliedro catalogue launch (NEARHubs), NFTtropolis online art fair x 3 (several galleries created on 3XR), we collaborated with Mintbase on the ‘Metawav -NFC After Party @ Arroz’, in which we curated artwork to be presented at a 3XR virtual gallery and on location; one cool example is the FITA collaboration, in which we created a virtual gallery with photographic artwork (by Cudo DAO) and were showcased on an important Art magazine using a QR CODE.

Cover of FITA Magazine Edition that we participate and exhibition preview

  • We created 2 art gallery models to be added to 3XR, a project which was halted, but those models will be added to NEARHubs instead.

WhatsApp Video 2023-03-01 at 11.15.54

First template preview


Second template preview

  • Fun tool for anyone to experiment with GLB models: Model Test | 3XR. / that tool was created by the 3XR team to help Incubadora DAO refine our 3D models.)
  • (if the moderators wish to view the GLB models they can be provided)

3. DApps if built and the purpose it solves, any traction metrics etc.

  • Incubadora DAO is at the moment developing an app so there is no traction metrics to provide.
  • This app received a small ‘Activation Grant’ from NF, for the work developed in the early stages.
  • (note: the Activation Grant was awarded for a number of activities, not only the app)
  • Link for the BE prototype:
  • Here is the pdf used for our first approach to the dev team: PDF
  • This dapp is one of the projects we are applying with to this Funding request.

App preview that is already in construction

Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

Incubadora DAO mainly works towards integrating visual artists, so the short answer is Art.

It also collaborates regularly with academic researchers around the themes of digital museology and the role of technology in the art world.


Incubadora DAO impact can be measured in a variety of ways. Some of them:

  • it’s the main platform for artists from Portugal to experiment with web3 and the tooling provided by the NEAR ecosystem;

  • it has reach in Brazil and african countries like Angola and Mozambique (for example, several participants of our seminars were from these countries and we were their first experience on web3;

  • Our NFT contests have reached hundreds of artists and we were, for most of them (99%) their first experience in minting an NFT, selling an NFT, creating a wallet, being part of an on-chain community, etc.

  • Our Artist Stipend Program originated at least (the very first don’t have tag and are harder to find) 181 new accounts in the gov.near.org and topics on the forum, as artists had to login to apply; for most of them this was their first experience in the NEAR forum;

  • we have created many tutorials over the years, both on youtube and Instagram, and helped create hundreds of NEAR wallets. Many DAOs in the community used our tutorials or created their own based on ours, as were NO video tutorials regarding topics as wallet creation, metapool staking, ref.finance, 3XR, Mintbase and many more.

  • we helped the NEAR brand become a regular in discussions about DAOs, web3 and NFTs around the Lisbon, Portugal area, and dispel much of the distrust crypto had in the artistic community;

  • Regarding DAO to DAO collaborations, we were one of the most active DAOs, and not only helped create different DAOs (for example CUDO DAO, Demonstra DAO) but collaborated, over time, in projects with a lot of them, namely: Cudo DAO, Muti DAO, VR DAO, Demonstra DAO, 55SP DAO, Kin DAO, Garden Collective DAO, Philosophers DAO, Mintbase DAO, 3XR DAO, NEAR Writers Guild and others.


This Roadmap is presented for a 3-month period;

Projects that occur over 3 months:

  • Hire a front-end dev to become a member (also council) of Incubadora DAO;
  • Hire a web designer to become a member (also council) of Incubadora DAO;
  • Develop a front-end prototype for the ArtHorizon app;
  • Develop a design prototype for the ArtHorizon app;

Projects with defined timelines:

  • Mid-March: Launch an Open call (IG, Twitter, NEAR forum) for an NFT contest
  • Early April: launch a virtual exhibition on NEARHubs and add the winners to our Gorilla shops
  • late-April: Launch an Open call (IG, Twitter, NEAR forum) for an NFT contest
  • Mid-May: launch a virtual exhibition on NEARHubs and add the winners to our Gorilla shops
  • Late-May: Launch an Open call (IG, Twitter, NEAR forum) for an NFT contest
  • mid-June: launch a virtual exhibition on NEARHubs and add the winners to our Gorilla shops
  • June/July: a physical show in Portugal

DAO’s Milestones for proposal

Milestones for the ArtHorizon development:

  • having a FE prototype by late April
  • having a web design prototype by late April
  • having a testable mainnet app by late May
  • achieve over 1000$ spent on the app by testers and early-bird buyers and curators
  • being ready for further funding in order to finalize the app in the third quarter of the year

Milestones for the NFT Open Calls:

  • around 70 participants in the first Open Call
  • around 120 participants in the second Open Call
  • around 200 participants in the third Open Call

Milestones for the Metaverse exhibitions:

  • At least 1 event NEARHubs event for exhibition
  • At least 8 different artists participating in each event
  • Over 24 artworks exhibited (and thus minted)
  • Connection with our Gorilla Shops store for at least 70% of the winner’s artwork
  • 50 participants in the first event
  • 75 participants in the first event
  • 120 participants in the third event
  • at least 1 physical venue, in Lisbon, Portugal, for the third event, showcasing winners from the 3 Open Calls
  • at least 200 in-person interactions at the physical venue
  • unlimited NFT airdrops for those at the physical venue that wish to engage with the metaverse exhibition
  • at least 100 interactions between the physical venue and the metaverse venue and at least 20 new NEAR wallets


:point_right: Project 1 (ArtHorizon App) :point_left:

Description: ArtHorizon app
Expected outcome: - FE prototype - Web design prototype
Activities & timelines: - Hire a FE dev - Hire a web designer - Create FE prototype until late April - Create a design prototype until late May - Be ready for next funding in order to have the app finalized by third quarter
Budget: 2000$ to hire a front-end Developer 1000$ to hire a web designer 500$ for commercial efforts (DAO to DAO, established galleries, etc) and project management

What is the goal of the DAO’s objective

This app aims to bring to web3 and to the NEAR ecosystem a business model with a proven track-record. Artist groups, galleries, curators and museums needs ways to showcase their artwork and their artists with total control over what is showcased and how it’s showcased.

ArtHorizon is a dapp that offers a curation service when buying NFTs. Our team of curators selects a collection of NFTs and presents them to the public depending on the creation of a buyer’s profile.

The problem we are solving: most NFT marketplaces and apps offer little curation to buyers. Contemporary art is placed side by side with collectibles, for example. This scares away buyers who come from web2 or more traditional marketplaces. This dapp not only offers that public a place to look for contemporary artwork, as it also allows for those that want to collect, without having the necessary knowledge , to do so.

Furthermore, this dapp is being developed with our own interest in mind, that is, we are our own first customer, but will allow other groups to buy in and have their own curated project.

Roadmap to reach the goal

Previous steps:

  • BE prototype- done.

Next steps:

  • FE prototype
  • UX / UI
    This will take us to the final steps and deployment of the app on mainnet, not part of this proposal.

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

From the moment we received an activation grant from NF we have developed this project phase by phase, as it demands an amount of funding not available in only 1 request.

We see this proposal as phase 2 (of 3) in the development of this app.

A 4th phase will happen after the app is fully developed, with maintenance and upgrading efforts which will be paid in full by the revenue generated by the NFT sales.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Our current council will be engaged in commercial efforts and project managing.

We will look for 2 other community members (from our own pool of members or by looking at other communities) to fill in for the skill set we do not currently possess, namely developers.

Total request number: 3500$

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): incubadora.sputnik-dao.near

:point_right:Project 2 (NFT contests) :point_left:

Expected outcome: -Select 15 artworks to mint as NFT in our Mintbase store/Gorilla shops in each Bounty (total of 3 bounties in the trimester)
Activities & timelines: - - Launch the open call -duration 10 days; Promote the open call in our social media channels; Promote the results 7 days after the deadline; Mint and promote the artworks
Budget: Jury of 4 people: 200 $ (50$ x 4); Stores management, minting and minting fees: 100$; Artists bounties : 10$ x 45 : 450$

What is the goal of the DAO’s objective

The idea is to feed our stores with brand new NFTs and to bring new artists and creators to our community.

Roadmap to reach the goal

Steps - 1 time per month

Launch the open call (March 10th - April 15th- -May 16th) -duration 10 days each
Promote the open call in our social media channels
Promote the results 7 days after the deadline (March 20th, April 25th, May 26th)
Mint and promote the artworks

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

The longer term goal is to enrich Incubadora’ selling platforms in order to have a better Dapp in the future with a lot of options of great NFTs to buy. We have the experience of managing open calls and bounties in the past so making 3 open calls per semester is a very good way to achieve our goal.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Our team will manage the open call as well as the selection process and minting process. The community will participate in the open calls with their work and enthusiasm. We will also reserve 1 winner sport to be voted by our on-chain community in every contest.

Total request number: 750$

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): incubadora.sputnik-dao.near

:point_right:Project 3 (metaverse exhibitions) :point_left:

Description: Metaverse Exhibitions
Expected outcome: 3 exhibitions showcasing the best works of our open calls 1 physical show
Activities & timelines: - Creation of 3XR galleries and Nearhub events - Promote the exhibitions in our social media channels - Early April: launch a virtual exhibition on NEARHubs and add the winners to our Gorilla shops Mid-May: launch a virtual exhibition on NEARHubs and add the winners to our Gorilla shops mid-June: launch a virtual exhibition on NEARHubs and add the winners to our Gorilla shops June/July a physical show in Portugal
Budget: Curatorship for the 3 exhibitions and physical show: 300$ Production of the physical show: 50$ Rentals for the physical show: 300$ (space, screens, projectors) Fee for the artists selected to be part of the physical show: 100$

What is the goal of the DAO’s objective

Showcase artists and create community events to strengthen our network.

Roadmap to reach the goal

Early April: launch a virtual exhibition on NEARHubs and add the winners to our Gorilla shops
Mid-May: launch a virtual exhibition on NEARHubs and add the winners to our Gorilla shops
Mid-June: launch a virtual exhibition on NEARHubs and add the winners to our Gorilla shops
Late June/ Early July: launch a physical exhibition showcasing artists selected in the previous open calls

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

Once achieving the Open Call metrics described above we will be able to create and promote online exhibitions.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Incubadora team will be responsible for creating 3xr galleries and for organizing NearHub events in partnerships with other DAOs.

Total request number: 750$

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): incubadora.sputnik-dao.near

TOTAL REQUESTED for the trimester: 5000$ in $NEAR tokens


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This proposal was approved on March 16th under the CreativesDAO funding vertical for the following details:


Cc: @creativesdao-council