[Proposal] we Planning to make NEAR crypto lesson GOA in Arambol PART 2

Hi everyone

25 November 2021, 19:30
Goa Arambol, NEAR crypto discussion at Magic tree
Event we Plan to invite around 21-47 people

This event will be helpful for people in the following areas,

  • to create wallets
  • to show how to create NFT and put it on market
  • to discuss about NEAR future
  • to give people all information about NEAR
  • discussion about our NEAR plans in Goa

We already did same event on 21 november which can view @ videoreport

We were successful in creating 8 wallets without much effort due to this workshop.

For the previous event we requested for an investment of 1000$ but request was not approved.

For this particular event , which we planning 25 November 2021, we request support on donation basis.

We will make video report too, we will do some live music with songs about NEAR and open web, and big common discussion which involved more new people in our ecosystem

If u like to support us please let us know in comments
Thank you


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Was meet up in Arambol , Goa with new people

I think is nessecary here, we say people about your opportunity with NEAR

6 people came from information from our instagram page


We created 3 new wallets, our NEAR wave increasing power , very soon u can see how many people interested in NEAR form Goa and India

We can start communicate with video producers on YouTube, and step by step we bring NEAR to all Goa

Today video report

In video i used our
music track song “Future is Near”