[Closed] GOA OpenWeb Guild December Social Media Marketing Budget Request

We are in the process of creating Goa NEAR OpenWeb Guild (the Introduction is here Introduction to Goa NEAR OpenWeb Guild - #10 by dmitryne ), and while the process is going on, we’re ready to work on our social media channels.

The reason is - there is a big interest from people in Goa to Blockchain technologies, to NFT and to our work with NEAR

Our goals are :

  • to spread awareness about NEAR Protocol in Goa;
  • to develop social channels on Telegram and Instagram, to create pages on Youtube and Twitter, all with a permanent team working on it (with deep understanding and interest) both English and Russian languages.
  • to create community around as well as social media platforms for our future games and competitions that would be initiated using social media (to create the awareness of our meetups, games and competitions for those who want to participate and win, they would open NEAR wallets, receive payment in NEAR, will be introduced to NFTs and the NEAR ecosystem and make number of transactions).

How to join us now / what has been already done:

  1. Telegram channels
    Telegram: Contact @goa_openweb
    Telegram: Contact @goa_nft_club

  2. Instagram:
    Login • Instagram

** here there are videos on Youtube made by our team: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8_SnWUvkDJ_2OccoGs9hpg/videos?app=desktop

Funding Period: December
Members : @denni_wild @dmitryne @Neh @johanga @alinafinist : @Argentin

Metrics for measuring success

  • Growing our social media followers and interactions. We currently have 67 followers on Instagram, the goal is to increase the followers in 30% so to reach 90 followers
  • Growing the Goa OpenWeb community chat in Telegram into 2 channels - English and Russian. We currently have 38 members on our Telegram GOA OpenWeb Community and we are looking forward to successfully transferring them to new channels and to increase this amount by 30%, reaching 50 members or more.
  • 20 followers on YouTube and Twitter channels each
  • 3 educational videos and video-reports from meetups on Youtube
  • 2-5 posts per week on Instagram + several stories
  • 2-5 posts per week on Telegram
  • 2-3 tweets per week on Twitter + 1 retweet per day

Funding Details:

  • Instagram, Telegram, Youtube and Twitter accounts management - share Near related content, articles and announces in both English and Russian, answer all questions, inform about our events = 100*4 = 400USD (47N price based at the time of posting 8.5USD)
  • 1 post to be promoted for 30 days in order to increase the visibility of the Instagram account = 35USD (4N)
  • creating 3 educational videos = 300USD (35N)

Total: 735USD (86,5N)

  • NEAR Wallet ID : dmitryne.near
  • Wallet owner’s name : Dmitry NE

all that is growing together with our weekly meetups in Goa

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