[Proposal] Arroz x NEARCon After Party October 26th & 27th 2021


[Proposal] Arroz x NEARCon After Party October 26th & 27th 2021

Project/Council Members:

  • tolga.near
  • mette.near
  • vandal.near



Total Requested Funding Amount:

$16,730 / 2242 N (@ $7.45)

Projects & Timelines:

This proposal is for the funds needed to produce and execute two after party events for NEARCon on the 26th and 27th of October 2021. Included in this proposal are details about the event program, budget and general objectives.

Event Scope:

We plan on integrating NEAR into as many aspects of the event, including NFT passes for entry and access as well as having additional merchandise and goodies available for purchase using NEAR. This also includes any branding the can be supplied by NEAR (or created in advance on our side)

Arroz Studio

Venue Capacity - 600+ people clear skies 300+ with rain

Directions - Click Here

Event Schedule:

October 26th 2021
Start Time: 9PM

  • Black Cat Jam (Live)
  • Orrin TBD (Live)
  • Vandal (DJ)
  • X-Sober (DJ)

October 27th 2021
Start Time: 9PM

  • Karl Godard (DJ)
  • Mazarin (Live)
  • Bone Police (Live)
  • Digital Black (DJ)
  • Lourenco & Steven (DJ)

Budget Breakdown:

  • Entertainment - $3500
  • Production - $850
  • Rider - $580
  • F&B - $10,800 (Best option & open bar)
  • Buffer - $1000

Full budget & program here (request access)

F&B details for both days:

  • Drinks - Unlimited
  • Food limited to 200-250 people (depends how hungry they are) We might set up NFTs for the Pizza as it’s limited supply…

Add - Capacity of venue, photos and details and map directions :avocado:


A post-apocalyptic art space ran by post-apocalyptic warlords!

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Will you be coming to Lisbon?!?

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Thanks so much for submitting this proposal. Very excited to see this come together!! Before we give an official approval on the budget, can you please provide more information on the entire scope? E.g. max capacity, is this going to be branded, what’s included in the open bar, etc.

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Yes, will be updating the proposal shortly!

Hey @yadira I’ve updated this with all the details requested!


@vandal - this looks good. Can you please post both events on the community calendar? NEARCON Community Events Calendar - https://nearcon.splashthat.com/ - Google Sheets

I don’t think we should limit this to NEARCON attendees especially if it’s clear skies. Can you please submit Activate - NEAR Protocol - that way we can do social media? cc @JMaenen [Fauve doesn’t have a Forum account yet]

@mecsbecs - will you please help with invoicing to the Finance team?


@vandal - can you please also share the event links when they are done?

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@StevenR can you get the team to pre the social media promo stuff for the push pls!

Invoice template passed on. @vandal @StevenR let me know if any more support is needed from me.

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We’ve got our call in a few minutes, I’m sure we’ll go over everything!

Hey @yadira @jake I was wondering if there are any physical buntings or banners we can use to hang/position in the venue for branding?

Also moved this post to the Events subcategory since this will not be funded by the Creatives DAO but NF directly.

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We’re using all of ours for the venue space. Can you please have a few printed? I’ll intro you to a few folks who have graphics.

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@StevenR are you able to arrange the printing? I’m limited in my printing connections here, thanks!

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@StevenR @yadira @Mette we have the poster done by @laurapnz here. Printing is coming!

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Hey team, hope you’re all well and are as excited for this as we are. Just dropping some questions on here ahead of the events so we’re all clear :partying_face::partying_face:

  • In the blockchain week events we had last week we experienced a higher capacity and therefore food and drink spend than anticipated (was 30% more capacity and total 15€ per person). Just checking in to see if there’s margin for overspend here or we need to do a hard-stop when we reach the budget cap? For info I think the estimate we put in is still valid and we’re are looking at a potential variance of +/- 3k€.

  • Last week we had a few performances that could be considered add ons, like for example the drag-queen cocktail bar and also an additional food stall (pizza capacity is around 250). Are there any of these you’d like to implement?

I’m also online on telegram if you want more info :pray::pray:

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Hi all,

Full report, budgeting and invoicing is in here:

Link directly to invoicing is here (available on access request):

It has both a NEAR invoice for performers and other partners and a VAT invoice for the association. I don’t have the NF VAT number but if you send it over I can add it. @yadira can you advise on if I need to send these somewhere specific for payment please?

Thanks all for you support on this :pray:


Hi All!

I was wondering if there is any update available on this…Thank you!

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