Workshop about voxel art modelling and rendering


NEAR account for payment: manutegus.near

Project Timeline: June 5th – 31th

Objective: The main objective of this project is to teach other members of the community my own process of creation on metaverse through live or recorded educational videos.

Justification (benefits): I believe this will be an important thing for the community who are not very familiarized with metaverse and to bring more people to know how to create buildings and wearables for the metaverse and create new cooperation dynamics on virtual spaces.

Project: This project is intended to bring people to participate on a workshop about voxel art modelling and rendering. It will happen trough zoom meeting or google meets. I intend to create dynamics for the community learn to build and create their own content and create engagement with this new types of media.


June 5th:

Planning of the workshops and organize educational material

June 15th:

Workshop : Voxel art and Metaverse basics (cryptovoxels)

June 21th:
Uploading videos on youtube

Budget: Funds directed to @gushlewis


Final Products:

Workshop Videos uploaded on youtube and socials.

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Hey @Supercoolkay can you indicate where the video will be posted and give some insight on the figure given for the budget? thank you :grinning:

Hello, Im the one responsible for the classes. I have make similar workshops for other DAOs. You can watch some of those classes on my channel on youtube:

The value is destined to me for organizing the content and making the live workshop.


Thank you for the response @gushlewis !


Hello, the first workshop will happen on 25th trough zoom. To participate just get into our community group on telegram where I will bring more info and the link for the meeting:

See you soon!

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