[proposal] video installation performance – sou daqui/nao sou daqui

Project : Sou daqui/Não sou daqui (@lens-dao & @arroz-criativo)
Target wallet : karendasilva.near
Team members : Karen da Silva, Roadworks (camcat.pt), Daniele Grosso
Timeline : June 2022

Dance performance is usually ephemeral, once it has happened it is impossible to recapture. Therefore, this proposal to LENS DAO and arroz-creativo DAO, is for the filming and documentation of the forthcoming dance installation performance by dance artist Karen da Silva. The documentation of this performance will allow for the piece to have a life beyond the performance itself, offering further opportunities of sustainability for the work and artists.

Sou Daqui/Não Sou Daqui is part of the final work for her Planting A.I.R. Residency as well as the inauguration of the new Arroz Gallery at Arroz Estudios in early June. A digital artwork projection made by Daniele Grosso will also feature as part of the installation. This is a collaborative project between arroz-criativo and LENS DAO. The film will be made by Christopher Michael from camcat.pt and will be released in mid/late June. Karen da Silva’s goal is to encourage artists to onboard and find new ways of becoming sustainable as artists. The film will be shown in the Metaverse, in the Voxel’s gallery, in June, providing further exposure of the work. Roadworks from Lens DAO has already shot several videos for DAOs such as Graffiti DAO, Muti DAO and arroz-criativo / Planting A.I.R. DAO.

The film will have ongoing exposure through LENS DAO, Planting A.I.R and Arroz workshops as well as through social media, demonstrating how NEAR funding can support and be of genuine benefit for artist, not just financially but most importantly, providing invaluable time for artists to evolve and move their artistic practice forward. The film will encourage artists to become familiar with opportunities within the NEAR ecosystem, such as creating NFTs, creating DAOs and operating in a decentralized space; an important factor for artists, allowing more autonomy, independence and freedom of expression; all crucial factors in the art making process.

A huge thank you to Catia Ciriaco, planting A.I.R project manager, who has been an amazing support and opened up new doors for me as an artist.

Total funding request: US$850
Budget Breakdown
$100 Lights/props (arroz-criativo) ALREADY PAID
$50 for digital projection for Daniele Grosso (lens-dao)
$550 for camera, filming, editing by roadworks (lens-dao)
$150 for cameral and light assistance by cosmiclobo (lens-dao)

Total US$ 850
arroz-criativo US$ 100 (ALREADY PAID)
Lens DAO US$ 750


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Quick update: the main event has been shot and will now go into editing. Everything went well except the digital projector was conflicting with the camera’s sensor and we faced big flickering issues. Despite changed frequency and shutter speed we were not able to fix it on the spot, so that we had to turn off the projector for filming, but it was used for live performances in front of the audience (the final footage won’t have the projected words on the dancer).

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Here comes a llittle teaser: CAMCAT - Film & Video on Instagram: "Here comes a little teaser of the container dance project "SOU DAQUI / NAO SOU DAQUI" at @arrozestudios with performing artist @dr.karendasilva who closed off her participation in Arroz's own artist residency programme called PLANTING A.I.R. Huge thanks to @catia_ciriaco @daniele.grosso1 @tilobo @tribe.films and last but not least to @near_protocol for making this possible. Full video to be released very soon, so stay tuned! #containerdance #arrozestudios #beato #marvila #dancer #dancevideo #performance #danceperformance #lisbon #lizbona #lissabon #portugal #portugalia #portuguese #camcat #videographer #videoproductionportugal #videographerportugal #videgrapherlisbon #lisbonvideographer #video"

Full video (with NEAR branding) to be released on Friday, 08. July 2022.

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