Target : lens.sputnik-dao.near

Council members :




Projects Accounting :

1864,48 USD (N & DAI)


Paid out :

  • Black Cat Cinema 1 : Payout made to actors. One extra actor was used and paid 60 USD. 30 USD were added for actor travelling expenses. The project was 1150 and total payout of 1240 USD.
  • Reverse Art Series : 250 USD for post production (from a total of 1200 USD); video is finished and delivered.

Still to be paid out :

Disclaimer: We have not received the July funds yet but want to be transparent on the work we do. This report will be updated once the funds have been received. To give an overview you can see a sum of our current & completed projects here:

  • From June:

    • Onboarding Tutorial Arroz Criativo Collab: 550 USD - The videos have been shot on the 12/07/22 and are currently in post-production phase.
    • NFT Exhibition: Due to overlapping of shootings the date of the exhibition has been postponed to the 24th of September. The funds have been converted to DAI and put back in the DAO and will be paid after the Exhibition.
  • From July ( as we have not received the funds yet):

  • Council: 900 USD to be requested after the report has been submitted & funds have been received


  • 2 DAOs (Muti & Arroz) collab this month.
  • Collaboration/outreach to 1 non-crypto entity for social good
  • Views from the previous projects (FB, Instagram and YT)
    • Karen’s Container Dance: 270 views
    • Trailer for Cabeça na Lua: 100 views
    • Trailer for Puçanga: 1240 views
    • DnB experiment with Smoked Falmon: 100 views


We received a few applications from the NEAR community for the social manager post and the council is currently in the process of deciding who is the best fit for the LENS DAO. We have also contacted OWS in those regards as we consider them NEAR community and as they guarantee a better fit and conditions for the search of the social media position. We are in touch with them and are waiting for the submissions from their side.

The DAO has continued to shoot projects and work in collabs in order to provide high value content for the NEAR community even before having received the funds allocated for those specific projects.

Summary of the LENS DAO activities:

We would like to emphasise once more that we see LENS DAO as a service provider for the community. If a community member or DAO is in need of a video/photography for a specific project, we are happy to support them and create high-quality footage of their project/creative idea. The community member or DAO would not necessarily have to pay for it as our DAO covers the budget for it, as our members will create the footage for them. We see our DAO as helping hands to support the creative community within NEAR and the showcasing of NEAR protocol.

Our DAO is open for more collaborations and also has a studio space available in Cacilhas, Lisbon, which can be used/rented for exhibitions and events. We are also planning on supporting upcoming talents with stipends to help them grow.

If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to reach out and contact us through our telegram group :slight_smile: