[report] LENS DAO - JUNE


Target : lens.sputnik-dao.near

Council members :




Projects Accounting :

3,235.20 USD (N & DAI)


Paid out :

Still to be paid out :

  • From May: Reverse Art Series : 250 USD for postproduction (from a total of 1200 USD); video is currently in postproduction.
  • Onboarding Tutorial Arroz Criativo Collab: 550 USD - needed to be postponed due to time availability from Arroz Criativo
  • NFT Exhibition: Due to overlapping of shootings the date of the exhibition is planned to happen on the 7.8.22. The funds will be stored in the DAO and paid out once the event takes place.
  • Council: 1500 USD to be requested after the report has been submitted


  • 3 DAO collabs this month
  • NEAR promotion through highlighting the NFT ticketing (Black Cat Cinema Shoot) as well as Planting AIR (NEAR funded program in Arroz Criativo), both in Lisbon
  • 32 views on youtube for the Changa Rec. aftermovie after 4 days without promotion yet
  • onboarded : psinje.near


Unfortunately, our latest team member @Justine has already left the group as she is currently travelling and occupied with other commitments. We are therefore looking for other community members who would be interested in working with us and supporting us mainly with social media management.

Regardless, the DAO has been active and shooting several projects, even though the budget has only come in in the last week.

In order to clarify the payouts which have been mainly requested by LENS DAO members and to avoid further confusion:

We would like to emphasise once more that we see LENS DAO as a service provider for the community. If a community member or DAO is in need of a video/photography for a specific project, we are happy to support them and create high-quality footage of their project/creative idea. The community member or DAO would not necessarily have to pay for it as our DAO covers the budget for it, as our members will create the footage for them. We see our DAO as helping hands to support the creative community within NEAR and the showcasing of NEAR protocol.

Our DAO is open for more collaborations and also has a studio space available in Cacilhas, Lisbon, which can be used/rented for exhibitions and events. We are also planning on supporting upcoming talents with stipends to help them grow.

If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to reach out and contact us through our telegram group :slight_smile:

Thank you.


Great breakdown and report @cosmiclobo
Would love to be part of the next projects by Lens DAO

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Oh, this is interesting! Do u cover activities only in Portugal? I am from Brazil here.

Hi thephilosopher!

Thank you for your interest.

We are based in Lisbon so atm we are only covering proposals in Portugal.


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Hi Roxy!

July activities are full in LENS DAO.

You can submit your proposal for a free month.

Thank you!


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Would love Thespians DAO to have a collaboration with Lens DAO by August.

Can we discuss more on Telegram?