[Proposal to House of Merit, approved by HoM, paid]Community Voice funding request for

March 2024
Dani: $35/h - 63:00h - $2205.00
Martin: $12/h - 25:00h - $300.00
Rodrigo: $25/h - 63:00h - $1575.00
Total $4080.00

  • Make application fast
  • Add categories
  • Remove SBT filtering as requested
  • Improve filtering and sharing
  • Github repo migration
  • Started checking forum database for migration
  • Bug fixing

Here is the link to Astra++ and Directly

Here is the main product

You can view the revision history of the main component here:

Commits are now on Github . So are the issues and tasks

You can see the active sprint here regarding migrating from Gov Forum to Community Voice.

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Do you mind adding the role for each dev in this proposal as well please :pray:t5:.

are you aware of this [Proposal to the House of Merit budget / House of Merit supported NDC Public Goods Work Group creation] GoodWorks - a new NDC Public Goods Work Group ?

Hello. I wasn’t aware of that. I started the month asking whether I should post or not and was told to post like last month. I’ll ask why this miscommunication happened.


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You can or not take part to this, this is up to you.
HoM Will review and share feedback

Of course:

I’m Daniel, and I’m the lead dev. I’m taking care of administrative tasks as well, like making sure we collect each month. Besides this, my tasks include to be sure that the other devs get any doubt solved so they are not stucked, and add/fix the features.

Rodrigo is a ssr, mostly experienced on front end, but he can move around the “backend” as well.

Martin is more of a junior. He works both on the front and backend, with simpler tasks, and having from time to time some more difficult tasks in order to improve himself.


Thanks so much. Very helpful :pray:t5: