[Direct request to HoM, approved, paid] Community Voice funding request for February

Dani: $35/h - 51:30h - $1802.50
Rodrigo: $25/h - 21:00h - $525.00
Martin: $12/h - 21:00h - $252.00
Total: $2579.50

Refactor preparing for UI improvements

Here is the link to Astra++ and Directly

Here is the main product

You can view the revision history of the component here:

Most commits were done on previous Github repo and should be migrated

You can see the active sprint here regarding migrating from Gov Forum to Community Voice.

Dear @Kenrou7 , Poll created: https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=144

Linked github repo is not accessible https://github.com/KenrouIt/SayALot-old
Linked BOS component has very little progress (I checked all commits on since Jan 2024)

I would like to see a comprehensive report on the work done during previous periods before requesting new funding.

Please, update the links to understand what really was done.

Repo should be available now. Just changed it to public.

The reason behind the little progress is that we are working hard on making all the structures more efficient, since loading was taking a long time. This is hard since on Near Social we don’t own a database we can modify at will, and every user is owner of their own information. So we are working considering this. Also, we are migrating to a better way of using widgets that was published recently, which takes also more time.

You can see the changes here

Unfortunately, there aren’t UI changes for you to see, but loading times will be considerably faster once we finish

Is there a roadmap for features to be implemented? I see the active sprint, but was wondering what the plan was to get this product ready to take over the gov forum.

For example, is there a timeline for the back end improvments to the speed at which the data loads? It’s pretty much not usable at the moment and there isn’t much data to load.

I see the hours worked noted and the general info for the project, but is there a public chat where discussions are happening for community voice at the moment?

The proposal also doesn’t seem to have much info for the devs attached and seems to lack a some relevant details like previously received funding.

Hi Chloe. I’m the Lead dev, taking care of delivering the product.

For the time being, there isn’t much of a roadmap of features. We’ve been told to work on the active sprint. The team that requested this is working on finding a designer in order to improve the UI.

We are discussing everything on a telegram chat and having weekly meetings. If you’d like, I can ask to add you, but I’m neither admin nor the main person organizing.

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Is this a public telegram chat? Are the meetings record?