[Proposal to the House of Merit budget / House of Merit supported NDC Public Goods Work Group creation] GoodWorks - a new NDC Public Goods Work Group

Merging and reposting two previous proposal, based on discussions held in the Community Voice yesterday. Several key pieces of Public Goods infrastructure, vital for the functioning of NDC, are not being maintained. At the same time, many developers are asking for an opportunity to help. GoodWorks will attempt to plug the gaps by outsourcing dev jobs to competent devs, evaluate their deliveries, and pay them retroactively. The original proposals here and here. The key updates made in this version is correcting a minor error in the budget regarding minimum salary for devs, adding IAH and Community SBTs to the budget, and simplifying the name to GoodWorks.

Section 1 - DAO/Project Information

The purpose of this proposal is to once again bring more developers into the Near ecosystem, open up for contributions, and develop great public good apps. Key widgets in scope include Kudos, EasyPoll, NEAR Docs, Community Voice, NEAR Tasks, IAH and Community SBTs.

Detailed charter here: Tech WG for public good widgets - Google Docs

  • Organization Name: Tech Workgroup for NDC’s Public Good Infrastructure
  • Proposal Title: Empowering the NEAR Ecosystem with Decentralized Public Good Infrastructure
  • Establishment Date: Not yet established. To be established immediately following funding decision.
  • DAO’s Category: Community Led, Technical Infrastructure
  • Project’s Category: Technical Infrastructure

Section 2. Previous Funding

  • Have you received funding for this project from any source? No

Section 3. DAO URLs

  • DAO / Project Website: Not yet established.
  • Social Media Distribution Channels: Will leverage NDC Tech WG telegram channel (Telegram ) as well as DevDao (DevHub by devhub.near | Near Social)
  • Is Your DAO/Project Targeting a Specific Country? No, the target is Global.
  • Which region will your DAO/ Project support? International

Section 4. Applicant Information

Section 5. Team Members

  • Kazanderdad: Founder, main contact
  • Blaze: Sponsor
  • Other Team Members: Devs to be recruited from the community

Section 6. Experience

Most of the apps in the scope of this proposal were originally envisioned by Blaze, and were built under his immediate supervision. As a member of the GWG team during most of 2023, Kaz was responsible for identifying and selecting developers, orchestrating the work into gigs, writing requirements, evaluating milestones and paying the developers.

Given the detailed charter and the mission of the DAO, it’s clear that the team behind the Tech Workgroup for NDC’s Public Good Infrastructure brings a solid understanding of the NEAR ecosystem and a commitment to fostering public goods through technology. Specific experiences and qualifications, as well as past projects, are substantial given the initiative’s scope.

The specific experience of the developer team is not provided, on account of them not having been selected yet. Contrary to most other proposals which identify a core team and then build a walled garden around themselves, this proposal is both open sourced and open to all developers in the community. We strive to build public goods in the open. This can take several forms. Developers can pitch in voluntarily on these projects and submit pull requests as they wish. Good efforts will be awarded retroactively. In other cases there may be a need for a more consorted team effort, in which case roles will be opened up and the most suitable applicants will be selected. All this to say that we can’t submit qualifications of developers ahead of time.

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

  • Project Overview:
    • Mission: To decentralize the ownership and development of public good widgets within the NEAR ecosystem, promoting sustainable and inclusive growth.
    • Vision: Becoming a cornerstone of innovation and sustainability in the NEAR ecosystem.
    • Core Programs: Development and maintenance of key widgets like Kudos, EasyPoll, NEAR Docs, Community Voice, NEAR Tasks, and Community SBTs.
    • Alignment with NDC: The DAO’s focus on public goods and technical infrastructure directly supports the NEAR Digital Collective’s goals of fostering an innovative, decentralized ecosystem.
    • Team: Core team of developers to be recruited from the community. Sponsored and led by Blaze. Initial organization and operational setup by Kaz, who’s job it will be to find PMs and support staff as needed (or simply leverage Gig & Pay DAO if approved).
    • Requested Budget: $2.5k retroactively for expenses only, and $8.2k for March.
  • What Problem Are You Aiming to Solve?: Addressing the need for ongoing maintenance and development of essential public good widgets within the NEAR ecosystem to ensure they remain relevant, efficient, and accessible to the community. The current Ops Team is focused on building voting contract and the widgets mentioned in this proposal are not receiving enough attention. Furthermore, NF has requested that NDC take over more and more (e.g. Near Tasks and this GovForum), which we are proposing to handle with this DAO.
  • DAO Charter: Read more details in this Charter document

Section 8. Budget

  • Projected Budget for the first months: $9.5k per month initially. This number may be adjusted down or up as we go. Update: removed Community Voice for March, reducing total for first month, see comment section. For details see this sheet
Details Oct-Feb March Total
Council 1 $1,500 $1,500
Council 2 $0 $0
Rust Backend Complete Smart Contract $1,500 $1,500
Frontend Add Report Feature $1,500 $1,500
Frontend Make entries private (Calimero) $700 $700
NEAR Tasks
PM Discovery of Prodcut State $2,500 $2,500
Service Providers
$0 $0
Bills Paid (retro comp)
IAH SaaS providers Approx $500 / m $2,500 $500 $3,000
Total $2,500 $8,200 $10,700
  • Length of Commitment to Delivering Your Project: The initial funding request covers 1 month, with the team dedicated to establishing a foundation for long-term operation and sustainability.
  • Will your team be fully renumerated from this budget? Yes, the budget includes part-time remuneration for the council and for part-time developers.

Section 9. Project/DAO Longevity

  • Does your project/DAO require one-time or continuous funding? Continuous funding.
  • Will your DAO/Project devise a way of sustaining itself after this round of funding? It is not in our plans to develop self-sustaining revenue streams, as it is our belief that high quality public good infrastructure should be provided for free within the Near ecosystem. Potential partnerships beyond the House of Merit will be explored.
  • What are the possible roadblocks to the success of your project/DAO? Initial challenges may include the recruitment of a skilled development team from the community, establishing efficient governance structures, and securing ongoing funding for new and existing widget development.

Hello @Kazander . Thank you for your proposal

Poll created: https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=163

I have some bad news, Near Tasks has not existed for almost half a year now.

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Yeah, a well known fact. That’s unfortunately the fate of assets that aren’t maintained. Which is the reason for this proposal. The code base is still available and the team is looking for someone to pick it back up.

Dear @Kazander .

House of Merit supported NDC Public Goods Work Group

So please, update your budget DAO budget
accordingly to HoM members comments
and then we can put the DAO budget on vote.

Have a great day!

Hey, thanks Dacha, that’s great news.

I had actually already included the budget in the proposal above. And there were no comments from HoM members that I’m aware of that would require us to update the budget. If you or any other HoM member have any specific concerns please let me know. Otherwise I think we’re ready for a budget vote.

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Removed Community Voice for March.

Background: HoM previously approved proposal #163 but then failed to approve #166 even though nothing in the proposal had changed. With this uncertainty the dev team understandably decided to create their own standalone proposal to get retro funding. So I’ve removed it from this proposal.

But if this proposal for GoodWorks gets approved then the intention is that we will merge it all into one group again for next month.

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Report April:

Continued developing Community Voice. But with the news that NDC is shutting down we had to change priorities from main focus on developing to instead mainly focus on feature design, developing implementation plans and collecting quotes for the last and final budget request in May.

Development Activity:
Development continued Community Voice, with a focus on the impending migration from GovForum to Community Voice.

  • Refined the extract / transform / load script
  • Estimated storage required for all of GovForum and associated cost to 2,200 Near
  • Developed UI/UX proposal for target state
  • Planned migration path and schedule for shutting down GovForum in orderly way
  • Weekly meetings with stakeholders (including Dacha, Kaz, Silkking, Mr Potato, etc)
  • Backlog can be found here: Gov Forum Migration · GitHub

Desktop UI proposal

Mobile UI proposal

UI proposals developed by Yuri

Features Design & Quotes:
We held interviews with several community members and stakeholders to collect and prioritize ideas for future development and maintenance of the in-scope apps, followed by design discussions, documenting design specs, and collecting quotes from community devs.

  • Interviews with 8-10 stakeholders, getting their input on required feature improvements
  • Created polls on GoodWorks telegram channel for 4 of the in-scope apps
  • Preliminary design sessions with community devs
  • Documented Design Specs
  • Requested quotes from various dev teams
  • Amalgamated quotes, created full budget and documented May request

Features design & quotes focused on these public good apps

  • Community SBTs
  • EasyPoll
  • Community Voice
  • Endorsements & Kudos
  • I-Am-Human


  • We were not able to meaningfully work on NearTasks, and will return the budget allocated to this. The way we do this is by reducing the May budget by the same amount.
  • We also discovered that one item had been budgeted both in April and in May budget, so we reduced the May amount for this item to $0.
  • Community Voice was treated separate from GoodWorks in April. But for the May budget we will make a joint request through GoodWorks.
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