[Approved by House of Merit, paid] Community Voice funding request for December and January

Dani: $35/h - 17:30h - $612.50
Martin: $12/h - 26h - $312.00
Total: $922

  • Improve UX
  • Add notifications
  • Redirect to article on create
  • Edit button on card
  • Search params

Dani: $35/h - 20:30h - $717.50
Martin: $12/h - 15h - $180.00
Total: $897.50

  • Add share search params
  • Add article history
  • Allow editing comments

Here is the link to Astra++ and Directly

Here is the main product

You can view the revision history of the component here:

Moving forward we will be making commits to Github

You can see the active sprint here regarding migrating from Gov Forum to Community Voice.