[PROPOSAL] Thespians DAO Stage Drama Contest; An Evening of Many Dramas. Strategy to onboard Theatre Arts Students into the NEAR Ecosystem and Web3 at Large - April, 2023 (Season 2)

After the successful outing of our maiden Evening of Many Dramas Contest, we would like to host the Season 2; but this time around it will be a contest between students of Theatre Arts across Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.

This is the report from our Season 1 outing:

We will write to different Theatre Departments in Nigeria and invite them participate in our event. The theme of all the Dramas going on stage would center on “Importance of Web3 in our Educational System”. Each Drama group would be given 20 minutes to act and show the Judges what they have to offer.

There will be only two winners, $200 for the Winner and $100 for the Runner Up; and $100 would be shared among participating groups to encourage them. Judges would be selected Theatre Arts lecturers.

As usual, we are rest assured we will onboard many of the participants and Audience during this project; as well teach them in details about Web3 Ecosystem, NFT and NEAR Protocol.

The aim of this project is to engage as many Theatre Arts Students and schools as possible, get them along in the Web3 Ecosystem; as well as to teach them about $NEAR and onboard all of them.

The project would be an avenue to lure the audience to listen to us and learn more about Web3, while they get entertained as well.


  • To Onboard Minimum of 20 New Members
  • To sensitize the general public about NEAR Protocol and Web3
  • To Entertain
  • To Educate
  • To generate 4+ video NFTs and 20 picture NFTs during the event.


Public Address System: $50
Props & Set Design: $150
Lighting: $100
Artwork: $50
Video Documentation: $150
Hall: $100

Cash Prizes to 2 Winning Groups: $300
Consolation bounties for all participants: $100

TOTAL: $1,000

Including 0.1 $NEAR Drop Links to activate 20+ wallets.

We would notify the general public about the event and send letters to Theatre Arts Departments on 1st April, and all the Drama Groups involved would go on stage on 22nd April.

Video and Picture NFTs would be available on 29th May for minting.


Cc: @creativesdao-council