[PROPOSAL] Thespians DAO Funding Proposal for April - June, 2023



  • DAO introduction

The THESPIANS DAO is a community of Actors & Actresses who perform for both Stage and Film; including the crew members behind the stage and camera.

The DAO uses the acting platform to educate, entertain and give solutions to world problems, using the NEAR Ecosystem as it’s driving force.

The DAO would help to portray Actors & Actresses as world changers; in the same hand appreciate the efforts of crew members who work behind the stage or scene to make these audio-visual contents a reality.

Thespians DAO would, through its dramatic, captivating and entertaining activities, onboard people from different walks of life into the NEAR Ecosystem; because Drama is the easiest way to communicate, as it has to do with imitation of actions of men. So, it is easily relatable.


The purpose of the Thespians DAO is to create platforms for Actors and Actresses to freely express their creativity and heal the world through dramas and films. And to also appreciate the effort put in place by crew members who work tirelessly behind the stage and camera to make these works of Art a success.

More about our Introduction post is on this link

  • Why team is best for the funds

We have a team of experts who have been practicing in the Film and theatrical field for more than 10 years.

Roxy The Entertainer ( @Roxy )
Johnson Chukwu, popularly known as Roxy is a graduate of Theatre & Film Studies Department, University of Nigeria. He majors in cinematography and editing. Roxy road to stardom picked up when he started shooting music videos for: Magnito, Bella Shmurda, Oga Sabinus, Mc Makopolo (to mention but a few). These guys are top celebrities in Nigeria. He has been a great tool in pushing the Thespians DAO to a lofty height.

Mr. Dan ( @dandyjj )
Daniel is a production Manager who has worked for different Media Companies in Lagos Nigeria. He’s a specialist in Drone Pilot and managing a Film or Drama Production. He has been the on-field soldier for all Thespians DAO projects. He does most of the work, but unfortunately gets the least notice. He is a hard-working fellow in pre-production and production activities.

Henry ( @Henry126 )
Henry is a world class cinematographer. His experience in the cinematic world had given him International visibility. His first travel to Dubai was in the bid to share his experience in the film production world.

Femdography ( @Femdography )
Femd is an Award Winning Editor. He is world class! Having Femd in our team is absolutely a win-win. He edits for most Cinema movies out of Nigeria. Femd is the best man for the post-production job.

Chizy ( @Chizyj )
Chizy is in charge of our Audio Studio (when set up). He is a talented music Artiste with a trending EP on Web2 before being onboarded by Thespians DAO.

Jobonson Smart:
A very creative writer, Director and Continuity Manager. He is part of us and you would gradually get to know him in series of our upcoming projects. He has written so many movies and have worked with many celebrities in Nigeria.

My Team is the best to receive the funding because we are built with experience and very eager to work. This has been seen on our past 3 projects as we onboarded nothing less than 70 New NEARians, traveling more than a 12 hours journey to spread the gospel of NEAR.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

  • DAO

Thespians DAO is the first DAO to produce a Drama NFT in NEAR Ecosystem. And we are striving to be the first DAO to produce a Film Drama Series and first Audio Drama under NEAR Ecosystem.

In the course of our projects, we have minted over 60 NFTs, onboarded over 70 New NEARians who had no idea about web3 or Crypto or NEAR!

Since our inception and 3 months of funding,

  • we have hosted 6 Stage Drama NFTs
  • minted more than 60 Stage Drama Picture NFTs with unlockables
  • had one Bounty on Monologue Challenge, via the NEAR forum and Social Media
  • had one Bounty to give the community the creative opportunity to design Thespians DAO logo
  • Set up an Audio-Visual Studio, where most of our contents would be created and premiered on NEARhub, Tamago and minted on Paras and Mintbase
  • during the funding break, we had a collaboration with CETNAD Documentaries, and we have onboarded the owner of the company as well @cetnadTV
  • In 3 months of being financially empowered by NF, our activities have skyrocketed our social media awareness from zero followers to 321 members in all Social Media handles, including On-chain members and Council members on AstroDAO.

Content and Social media stats

  • 6 Real Life Stage Drama NFTs in 3 months
  • 60 minted Pictures on Mintbase with unlockables
  • 1 Monologue Challenge with over 10 videos
  • 114 Instagram followers
  • 30 followers on Twitter
  • 14 Facebook followers
  • 142 members on Telegram
  • 6 YouTube Subscribers with over 248 views
  • 11 On-chain members on Astro DAO, 4 Council Members with 64 Votes Casted on Astro.

Thespians DAO YouTube link, last seven days engagement and IRL Events YouTube Links


July Event Highlights -

August Event Highlights-

September Event Highlights -

Thespians DAO Instagram Link and Engagement in a month now



Thespians DAO Twitter Link and Engagement on last post


Thespians DAO Facebook Link and Engagement in the last 28 Days


Thespians DAO Telegram Link

We have written a total number of 12 sub Proposals over a period of 5 months to Creatives DAO, 7 of those proposals were approved while 5 of them were closed.

We have 4 Council members, 11 On-chain members and 306 Members on all different Social Media platforms.

We have minted 60 NFTs on Mintbase with unlockables to watch our full Stage Drama NFTs

We are had meetings with Jeff of NEARhub and they have agreed to partner with us in Premiering our Stage Dramas on the Metaverse.

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art :white_check_mark:
  2. Music :white_check_mark:
  3. Culture :white_check_mark:
  4. Mixed-Media :white_check_mark:
  5. Stage, Radio & Film Drama :white_check_mark:
  • Impact

Our 3 main Goals in Thespians DAO are to Entertain, Educate and Onboard. We have successfully made use of our Creativity to onboard more than 70 New NEARians and educate them on the advantage of Web3, Crypto and why they should operate under the NEAR Ecosystem. We will continue to onboard a great number of people and move them from web2 Creatives to Web3 Creatives.

We are promoting the Global possibilities of practicing Drama NFT, healing the world through it and empowering the youths as well. We are the first to mint a Stage Drama under the NEAR Protocol.

We are collaborating with NEARhub team to start premiering Stage Drama on the Metaverse, and there is a potential discussion to act a Stage Drama live on the Metaverse, we will see to it’s actualisation.

Tamago will witness the first Radio/Audio Drama, there are discussions with the team to see to it’s possibility; and there is a good news…YES IT’S POSSIBLE :smiling_face:

  • 3 Months Roadmap

In the advent of new guidelines by the Creatives DAO, we have to readjust our Roadmap to achieve NFs goals and targets for DAOs.

Apart from mass onboarding and opening of hundreds of NEAR wallets, we would pay much attention to creating NFTs and providing contents for NEARhub, Tamago, Mintbase and Paras. These contents could be IRL events that will be premiered on NEARhub (and the above mentioned dApss) in forms of Stage Dramas, Dance Dramas, Film Dramas, Radio/Audio Dramas, Onboarding Classes and so on.


Weeks 3,4 - In April, we will register Thespians DAO as a Legal Wrapper. We consider using service like
https://otoco.io/ (or any other) that offer LLC wrapper to safeguard the name on the Blockchain.

Weeks 3,4 - We would also embark on getting the script for our first NFT Film Drama Series ready. We would also run a documentary/interview with the Nollywood writer as we onboard him into the NEAR Ecosystem.


Weeks 1,2 - We will be hosting a Stage Drama. There are plans to partner with NEARhub team by adding their logo in our publicity too, so we could do a streaming on the Metaverse after post-production works on the videos.

Weeks 3,4 - We would host a Bounty to inspire the community to follow our Stage Drama streaming on NEARhub and as well to achieve a large number of Audience on the Metaverse.


Weeks 1,2 - We will kick off with series of production meetings to plan ahead of our Film Drama NFT.

Weeks 2,3 - We would also be hosting our first Radio/Audio Drama NFT which will be listened to at Tamago. Meetings have been held with the Tamago Team and it is understood that the Radio/Audio Drama will be a success when created.

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal

Milestones for Legal Wrapper:

  • Engage the Otoco Team
  • Register Thespians DAO as Legal Wrapper
  • Engage the community awareness

Milestones for Stage Drama NFT;

  • Start meetings with the DAO Council and all the members about the concept
  • Reach out to crew members
  • Sort out cost of production
  • Design artworks and banners for awareness
  • Start rehearsals
  • Run technical rehearsals
  • Go on stage on the Dday
  • Onboard and open wallets for both new members and audience
  • Under go post production processes
  • Mint the NFTs on Mintbase

Milestones for Metaverse Stage Drama Premiere on NEARhub with a Bounty:

  • Deliver complete version of the Stage Drama to NEARhub Team
  • Have a Metaverse Premiere date
  • Create Bounty to inspire the community to participate in the Metaverse Premiere
  • Screening on Metaverse on the D Day
  • Award of prizes to winners who participated in the State Drama Metaverse Bounty.

Milestones for Radio/Audio Drama NFT:

  • Get the story for the Audio Drama ready
  • Get the crew and audio studio ready
  • Audition for Actors and actresses
  • Finish up the post production process
  • Teach Cast to mint their pictures taken during the recording on Paras
  • Mint the Audio Drama on Tamago

Milestones for Film Drama NFT Script for Thespians DAO:

  • Onboard the script writer
  • Discuss the concept of the story with him
  • The writer goes into work
  • When he’s done, shoot a documentary/interview with him to tell his story about his experiences whole writing the Script, and how he hass been a great writer
  • Mint the pictures taken during the Documentary/Interview on Mintbase
  • Teach and guide the scriptwriter to mint the cover art of the script on Paras
  • Series of production meetings will follow up to discuss how to bring the story to life


Project 1:
Legal Wrapper for Thespians DAO

It has become highly important that Thespians DAO is register as a Legal Wrapper, from Otoco.io (or any other) that offers LLC Wrapper. This gives us a retained identity on the Blockchain.

Expected Outcome:

  • Registration all on the Blockchain
  • Secured and personalized Identity
  • Legal Wrapper

Activities & Timelines
21st April - Filling up the form and completing the registration

Registration - $100

TOTAL: $100

Project 2:
School-To-School Sensitization Project on NEAR Protocol and the Web3 Ecosystem Using Drama as its Work Force; For Thespians DAO (Season 2)

After a successful Season 1, which onboarded more than 20 New NEARians, opened 20 New wallets, and minted 20+ NFTs; we have yest another Stage Drama Event which will take place in Theater & Film Studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka. It is a Stage Drama exercise which we will use to attract a large number of Audience, who we would onboard and educated about NEAR Protocol and Web3 at Large.

Expected Outcome:

  • One Stage Drama
  • 30+ Newly Onboarded NEARians
  • 20+ New NEAR Wallets
  • 20+ Picture NFTs
  • One Video Unlockable
  • One Video highlight on YouTube
  • Social Media Promotional Contents

Activities & Timelines
1st-5th May: Rehearsals for the Stage Drama
6th May: The main Day for the Stage Drama
13th May: Pictures and Videos are ready for minting

Public Address System - $100
Costume Rentals - $100
Make Up - $100
Lights: $100
Director Bounty - $100
10 Casts Bounty - $300
Traditional Drummers - $100
2 Stage Hands - $100
Set Designers - $200
Artwork & banner - $100
Video Documentation & Sound - $300
Welfare for 5 Days Rehearsal - $200

TOTAL: $1,800

100% of these payments are going to the Community for their participation during the Stage Drama. Thespians DAO Council Members would be traveling to Enugu State, which is 12 hours drive from Lagos State (Our base). When we get to University of Nigeria Nsukka in Enugu State, we would sort and onboard available hands to carry out these duties and they would all claim their payment via our Astro DAO.

Project 3:
Metaverse Stage Drama Premiere on NEARhub with a Bounty

We are partnering with the NEARhub Team to premiere our Stage Drama on NEARhub. This premiering will come with a Bounty to encourage the community to be present during the Metaverse Premiering, down to the end; questions would be asked and people that answered our questions correctly would be awarded prizes

Expected Outcome:

  • Bringing Audience to experience NEARhub
  • Introducing interested contents to NEARhub
  • Community Activeness
  • Bounty

Activities & Timelines
16th May - Submit the edited copy of the just finished Stage Drama to NEARhub Team
18th May - Publicity on NEAR forum concerning our incoming Bounty on the Metaverse
27th May - The D Day for the Premiering on Metaverse and picking up of winners

Award to 10 winners - $20x10 = $200

TOTAL - $200

Project 4:
Radio/Audio Drama NFT

We are happy to announce the first Audio Drama NFT under the NEAR Ecosystem!
The Drama would center on the benefits of implementing a crypto policy in our Africa society. We have discussed with the Tamago Teams to mint the Drama on their platform as an Audio NFT. And Actors & Actresses in involved would be thought about NEAR dApps and how to mint their Picture NFTs (taken during the production) on Paras.

Expected Outcome:

  • One Radio/Audio Drama NFT
  • To be minted and streamed on Tamago
  • Onboarding of 6+ New NEARians
  • Opening of 6+ New Wallets
  • 10+ NFT pictures to be minted on Paras
  • One BTS videos on YouTube
  • Social Media Promotional Contents

Activities & Timelines
3rd June: Getting the Audio Drama script ready
10th June: Creating awareness to reach Audio Drama Actors and auditioning them
17th June: Hitting the Audio Studio to get the project done
24th June: Post production done, Audio Drama NFT is ready to be streamed at Tamago, Picture NFTs are ready to be minted by the Actors, Actresses and Crew at Paras, BTS videos and pictures are ready for YouTube and other Social Media.

Scripting - $100
Directing - $100
Studio Session - $200
Post Production - $100
6 Actors - ($50x6) - $300
BTS Crew (Pix & Video) - $200

TOTAL: $1,000

100% of these payments are going to the Community for their participation during the Audio Drama. If or when we get approved, we would throw out notice to members of the Thespians DAO or onboard available hands from web2 to Web3 to carry out these duties and they would all claim their payment via our Astro DAO.

Project 5:
Film Drama NFT Script for Thespians DAO

The first Film Drama NFT under the NEAR Protocol would be coming up mid year, and we are happy it is coming from the creative activities of the Thespians DAO.

But before that, we need a script to guide us both in cost breakdown and acting blocking for the Actors and Actresses; and we are happy to be employing the services of an Award Winning Nollywood Script writer in the person of Smart, Ify Jobonson

Smart, Ify Jobonson is a trained Film Maker from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka. He is a Script Supervisor, Writer & Director for ROK Studies, Lagos Nigeria. Assistant Director, Ojukwu and Living in Abuja ROK Original Series. Writer/Director Homework, Daddy’s Angels and many yet to be released amazing feature films.

We are going to onboard Jobonson into the NEAR Ecosystem as he writes our first Film Drama NFT Series.

The Film Drama Script project will come with a documentary around the writer, to know what inspired the script, some stories about him and what people should expect from the script. We will mint the pictures gotten from the Documentary on Mintbase, and the video as unlockables. After the scripting is done, the writer will mint the front page design of the script on Paras, as his own way of learning how to mint and actively participate under the NEAR Ecosystem.

Expected Outcome:

  • Six Episode Film Drama NFT Script
  • One documentary/Interview video NFT
  • 10 Pictures to be minted on our Mintbase Store
  • One front page design of the script to be minted on Paras by the writer

Activities & Timelines
18th April: Onboarding of Smart Jobonson into the NEAR Protocol
24th April: He starts writing the Script
24th May: The script is ready for review and approval
25th May: Shoots his documentary/Interview
1st June: Jobonson mints his first NFT on Paras, which will be the front design of the script he wrote
3rd June: We mint the Pictures gotten from Jobonson’s Documentary/Interview on Mintbase and the video as unlockable

Film Drama NFT Script - $200
Documentary/Interview Documentation (Pictures & Video) - $150
Script Front Page Design - $50

TOTAL: $400

100% of these payments are going to the Community. $200 goes to Jobonson for writing the Film Drama NFT Series Script, $50 goes to the graphic designer and $150 goes to the media company that will help us shoot and edit his documentary and interview. All will request their payment through Thespians DAO Astro DAO

Council Work:
This is to take care of transportation expenses incurred to achieve these projects because we will be touching different cities, getting of $NEAR to open and activate new wallets, Salary for the Council Members, and also be able to cover up other miscellaneous expenses.

TOTAL - $1,500

  • What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?

Our 3 Main Goals in Thespians DAO are to Onboard, Entertain and Educate. And we are creatively structuring our activities to be in line with these Goals.

From the beginning of the world, Acting is unremovable part of man kind. A child learns by acting out what his father does and so many other instances.

From research, it is found out that human beings learn more when teachings are being acted, this shows how important the Thespians DAO is to the Ecosystem and NEAR Community.

There are alot of ideas, techs and dApps coming up in every minute in the Ecosystem, many people find it hard to understand these developments by just reading about them, this is where we come in…we are structuring stories to help communicate these ideas in acting both on Stage, Film and Audio Dramas.

Thespians DAO is explaining the benefits and usefulness of these dApps and techs, not through word of mouth, but in flesh and blood through acting.

  • Roadmap to reach the goal

We are arranging Stage Dramas, Film Dramas and Audio Dramas to help in communicating NEAR dApps in flesh and blood to the Global world.

In May, we will be hosting a Stage Drama in University of Nigeria Nsukka where we will be acting on stage and would teach audience about NEAR Protocol and dApss as we entertain and onboard them too.

In June, we will be premiering a Radio/Audio Drama that will focus on the importance of crypto in our society. And we all know for sure that NEAR Protocol is our yardstick and a point of reference.

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

Our longer term goal is to onboard, entertain and educate; these we are achieving through IRL events and Metaverse Events.

In April, we will have Thespians DAO as a Lega Wrapper.

In May, we will have a Stage Drama so as to onboard people in real life, open wallets for them and educate them one-on-one about NEAR Protocol, benefits of Web3 and usage of crypto, while also entertaining them with our Stage Drama. We will also have premiering of the Stage Drama on NEARhub and a Bounty to encourage audience to be live with us and participate in the Drama analysis and review.
Through May to June, we will be making arrangements for our Film Drama NFT Series Script, which will be coming up in mid year.

In June, we will be having our Radio/Audio Drama NFT. This will help us to onboard Radio Drama actors and actresses, and teach them about NEAR Protocol and Web3 on general. The story would also preach about the benefits of Web3 in our society. Tamago will be our means of streaming the Audio Drama NFT.

  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

@roxy - he’s in of charge project conceptualization, keeping the DAO updated with new developments, and supervision of projects.

@dandyjj - he’s in charge of our Visual Studio Space maintenance, production management and controlling unforseen circumstances during production.

@Henry126 - he’s in charge of supervising post production activities, making sure materials are available for publication on time and as of when due, updating social media activities and contents.

@ChizyJ - he’s in charge of Thespians DAO Audio Studio and it’s Management. This also includes our music NFTs and Audio Drama NFTs.

Total request number:
5000 USD in DAI/USDC

DAO on-chain address (target wallet):

Creatives DAO March Community Call Presence 4/4

Cc: @creativesdao-council


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