[Proposal] "Flipping Samples" Show

Sampling is an art that has been incorporated in Hip-hop, RNB, music for a long time.
It involves taking piece of music from another song to create an entirely new sound.
Most of the productions we have now are kind of generic and hasn’t really been testing producers minds a lot.

I bring to you a show “Flipping Samples” for @beatdao

This is a show that’s set aside to test how creative producers are a

How does it work?
Two samples would be provided by Me(to avoid copyright issues) and would be given to the community to flip.

Producers will be given a week to flip the sample into any genre of their choice and the winners would be announced by the council.
(Note: The samples would be provided by me. To avoid copyright issues.)

This is a monthly show and would be done every third week of the month starting April.

Samples would be made available for flipping as from on Sunday. The participants have from Monday to Friday to flip the samples to a new beat. And Winners will be selected on Saturday by the council.

Voting would be based on

  1. Creativity.
  2. Uniqueness.
  3. Good sounding.

Which will be done by the council.


  1. Bring about creativity to the producers while exploring their untapped skills
  2. Bringing out the best in producers, exploring their creative sides and improving learning amongst them all.
  3. The top 3 flips would be minted on beatdao store on mintabse , giving royalties to both the producers (90%) and dao treasury (10%)

Minted beats could also be used in events that involves showcasing a product like near-publish, while giving royalties to the artistes.

All enteries would be uploaded to the beat-dao/nxm YouTube channel.

1st price - $150
2nd price -$100
3rd Price - $50

Management: $200
For Hosting the show, providing samples to be used and curating

Total requested funds - $500 DAI


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Amazing proposal!

How are you going to collect submitted beats by the community and their details such as wallet name or contact?

cc @Wiswiz


Thank you for the response. @Paul

I’m working on a beatdao form that’d contain such details.

  1. Name of artist
  2. Title of song
  3. Link to song (where producers would provide a Google drive link to their submission)
  4. Telegram username (to track that they’re members of the BeatDAO community)
  5. Discord username
  6. Near wallet address

Nice one provided the Near community will have more reach and lives of others are positively Impacted.