[Proposal] The CRIB - A Creative Incubator & Accelerator Program

I think this will be a game changer for us creatives. We have several ideas to build cool stuff, but we need some extra support and tools to make it real. Awesome effort!


This is such a great proposal @vandal
I really love the idea of having a project management platform!

Thanks for recording the meetings. As I listened to them, I just knew I want to join forces with The CRIB. But I am only an artist, you know? Would love to figure out how I can contribute.

Just one question here: do you imagine the open call to target projects proposed by DAOs or by individuals?

Wishing you all plenty of success in this venture!

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Thanks @PatriciaB! It was great to have the call with you and @sarahkornfeld the other day. I think your ideas as an artist are important to the development of our Manifesto and Charter.

To answer your question, I think the open call would benefit the DAOs but also could be a way for individuals to find support and collaborate with DAOs. We are stronger together!

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