[Proposal] The CRIB - A Creative Incubator & Accelerator Program


A Creative Incubator Web3 Accelerator Program for the NEAR Creative Community

The Problem:

While there are many accelerator programs available for tech start-ups in the Web3 ecosystem, there is a significant lack of support for artists and creatives looking to contribute in a meaningful way. Existing programs often only offer funding without providing the necessary mentorship, education, and incubation to help artists turn their ideas into sustainable models. This problem is particularly noticable within the Near creative community, where recent changes to the grant and funding system have further reduced support for artists. As a result, many artists struggle to develop their ideas into successful projects that can make a lasting impact on the ecosystem.

The Solution:

To address the lack of meaningful support for artists, we propose The CRIB, a dedicated creative incubator and accelerator program. This program would provide artists with the mentorship, education, and incubation necessary to develop their ideas into sustainable models that can be further supported by the existing Grassroots verticals. Through a combination of funding, coaching, and access to resources and networks, the program would help artists in building successful projects that can have a lasting impact. In particular, the program would focus on the Near creative community, where the need for support is especially acute. By nurturing the talents of artists and providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed, the program would help to foster a more diverse and vibrant ecosystem that benefits everyone.

The Proposal:

We will put together a Working Group of qualified community members to design a program that will run on a quartly basis and is open to the entire Near creative community and engage in the following items to achieve this:

1. Identify Potential Partners:

Reach out to organizations and individuals within the NEAR ecosystem who have an interest in supporting artists and creatives. This could include NDC members, DAO members, community groups, and artists themselves.

2. Define Roles & Responsibilities:

Clarify the roles and responsibilities of each member of the working group, including project management, program design, outreach and recruitment and evaluation.

3. Establish Communication Channels:

Set up regular communication channels to keep the working group informed and engaged. This could include a Telegram channel, weekly or bi-weekly meetings, and a shared document or project management platform.

4. Develop Program Goals & Objectives:

Work together to define the goals and objectives of the program, including the types of artists and creatives that will be targeted, the length and structure of the program, the resources that will be provided, and the expected outcomes.

5. Create a Detailed Plan:

Develop a detailed plan for the program, including a timeline, budget, and metrics for success. Assign tasks and milestones to each member of the working group, and establish a clear process for monitoring progress.

6. Launch the Program:

Once the program has been developed and approved, launch it to the NEAR ecosystem. Publicize the program through social media, the BOS and targeted outreach to artists and creatives. Monitor the program closely and adjust as needed based on feedback and evaluation.

Program Flow Ideas:

Here you can see an outline of what the program might looks like. Once the Working Group is assembled they will work together, with feedback from the community, to come up with a detailed program that might have a similar structure to the following:

1. Application & Selection Process:

The program would start with an open call for applications from artists and creatives within the NEAR ecosystem. The application process would include a series of questions designed to assess the potential impact and feasibility of the proposed project. A selection committee comprised of experts in the creative field would review the applications and select a cohort of participants based on merit and diversity.

2. Incubation Phase:

Once selected, participants would begin a three-week incubation period designed to help them develop their ideas into sustainable models. During this phase, participants would receive mentorship, coaching, and access to resources and networks, including workshops on topics such as business planning, marketing, and community building. Participants would also have the opportunity to collaborate with one another and receive feedback from their peers.

3. Acceleration Phase:

After the incubation phase, participants would enter a six-week acceleration period focused on bringing their projects to market. During this phase, participants would receive additional funding and access to resources and networks, as well as ongoing mentorship and coaching. The program would also provide opportunities for participants to showcase their projects to investors and potential partners.

4. Graduation & Continued Support:

At the end of the program, participants would receive a graduation NFT and be in line for funding from the Grassroots verticals. The program would also continue offering additional support to help participants navigate the challenges of building and scaling their projects.

Do note that this is a rough proposal guide and would love feedback from the various communities that could benefit from such a program. Especially @creativesdao-council and the @NDC_Comms as it would be great to establish a working group as soon as possible to get this underway if the community feels like it’s worth it.



Hey @vandal always amazing!

I’d like to share this project and iniciative:

Ps: was created in Near Dapp Endless.fm and others DAW.



Thanks for sharing! Looks really good. Is there anything on the roadmap for it should this incubator project succeed and be able to assist you?

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Hi @vandal. This is a great initiative and I am happy to support in the working group.

I look forward to the success of The CRIB!


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Big one @vandal. Let’s see how this goes but no doubt, a success.

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Dear @vandal , thank you for sharing your proposal for The CRIB, a much-needed incubator and accelerator program for artists and creatives in the Near ecosystem. As an artist myself, I fully understand the challenges and opportunities in this space, and I appreciate the effort you are making to address them.

I would like to contribute to this project and show my interest in becoming a volunteer. I have expertise in Music Production, Audio Engineering and Graphic Design, and I believe I can offer valuable support to the working group. Please let me know how I can join the group or support the initiative in other ways.

Also, I would like to learn more about the timeline for the project and any upcoming events or meetings where I can participate and contribute. Thank you again for your work, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,

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Hi Vandal,
This a brilliant proposition and a need of the hour.
Let’s have a community call to hear more community voice and help shape this together :pray:


Hey @vandal

I think this is a strong idea to fit into an overall ecosystem creatives strategy:

Onboarding > Incubate/Accelerate > Grassroots funding > Self-sustainability

…and I definitely think that you are the person to lead it

Let me know if you need any help :+1:


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Thanks @Supercoolkay :100:

If we get some traction around this idea we will look at assembling a Working Group of community members to tackle the problems and build the solution! All further updates will be in the comments as we move along so stay tuned and do help spread the word!

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Much appreciated @BigM007 :100: Do stay tuned to further updates here in this thread!


Hey @cotmusic that’s fantastic! This is still in the ideation phase, so once we get more feedback and support from across the ecosystem we will have a better idea on the direction and if it will become a reality for the creative community! Keep your eyes on this thread!

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Hey @Cryptonaut! Indeed, we can do a call and then share with the community to get feedback on how to move this forward in a decentralized and meaningful way :100:

Exactly! Thanks @zeitwarp, you of all people know the importance of setting up creatives to become self-sustainable and your feedback on this will be invaluable!

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Great initiative
Looking forward to its success


Thanks @Bismark! We still have a long way to go :rocket:


this is cool, let’s have a call and follow up

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Please do join our Telegram working group - Telegram: Join Group Chat


this is so cool

what’s the status of this initiative?

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Hey so I invited you to the TG group to get more info and get involved! We are working on setting up a working group now, see the pinned messages in the TG channel to watch the latest call. Cheers!


roger that

will check it out

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