[Proposal] The Canvas by VanDAO

It all begins with a blank canvas

Introducing The Canvas by VanDAO. This virtual space is curated by the Royal Canvas Society, a collective of Frame holders with a penchant for orchestrating some of the future-most entertaining metaverse experiences.

Four Seasons

The Canvas will be producing quarterly experiences that celebrate the seasons and incorporate some of the biggest names in Web3.

Own A Frame = Collect Canvases

To become a member of the Royal Canvas Society one must first own a frame. Only 33 Frames will be made, and for a select few the experiences await to collect exclusive canvases across all four seasons.

Phase One:

The development of the space will begin with @gushlewis creating the first snapshot - The Showroom - to be used to launch the “Framing” of The Canvas.

Our invisible ink is still drying, please wait for more to be revealed…