[PROPOSAL]telegram sticker for graffiti-dao

Hello everyone, i just want to Send this proposal for The project i am willing and excited to do, I was invited to make Telegram stickers for Graffiti, i am free for your suggestions again and all the council ideas i will draw as long as i can make it and draw it​:heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I am so pleased and happy People Loved my arts and Now Graffiti is my next, Love to be part of the community​:heart::heart:

Muti sticker :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Marmajchan Sticker Pack


Hey @Ligaya , thank you for the proposal.
Some general feedback on it from our side:

  • could we get a rough timeline for the project?
  • can you add some links in the proposal above to some previous examples of sticker packs that you’ve created? ie. the muti ones and any other examples
  • We have a few ideas for themes: hip-hop/street-style themed. (ie. maybe somebody spraypainting, somebody scratching or beatboxing, somebody breakdancing). We also thought it might be nice to just have a stylized sticker for the GraffBase logo and maybe one that welcomes people to the GraffBase telegram group.

Let me know what you think.

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Yes ted im Into Stylized Chibi
Here is my Sticker Pack in MarmaJchan last november ,

And for Muti,:heart:

I can draw a stylized Chibi i just need the Complete details for It how it looks What is the expressions and Accesories or palletes on it​:heart: We can work it and ill update also The WIPS here in my Proposal post One by one (sketches) :relaxed::relaxed:

If you need sketch first or Line arts i can work with it as soon as possible :heart:

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That would be great!
Thank you @Ligaya
We are adding it to our February funding request

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Yeey thanks Ted :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: just inform me for updates and what you need so i can prepare :relaxed::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Hey @Ligaya , the sketches are looking good so far. The only one I’m not sure of is the one with the microphone… maybe we could just add another painting or breakdancing one and then add in some prompts to each… for example one that says “Welcome” and one that says “Thank You”.

This proposal has also been approved by the Graffiti DAO and added into the approved budget proposal for February! Thanks

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Noted ted :heart: ill make sketch again and update it here :relaxed:

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Hey @Ligaya hope you’re doing well.
I was wondering if you had any update on the sticker pack?

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Can you please check this ? Any revision for the first 2 stickers? Ill work with the Painting on the wall. Any additions ted?

Hi @Ted sorry for the delay been busy on our first week of Filipino Artist Guild but im good now, i just want to ask if how many i will draw and do u have suggestion and revision from the 2 samples i drop, im working on the painting on the wall but im thinking if what is the word i will put on it, or ill revise the other samples i drop

Hey @Ligaya . No problem with the delay. Looking good so far!
The one note from my side is the colour and style of the lettering could be more in line with graffiti style. In my opinion, the lettering could all be black and white with one flair colour just to keep it simple. That’s all from my side, really, maybe @mwhyden has some feedback.

As for how many to draw, we have budgeted $80 in the monthly budget for this, so whatever you think is fair… maybe a pack of 4? You can see the budget here.

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Alright Ted :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: ill fix the text, and do.some research for Grafitti text​:heart_eyes: ok ill Make 4 :heart_eyes: thanks for the feedback helps me to improve the Art :pray:

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@Ligaya Great, thank you!

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Thanks for trusting my Works ted :pray::pray::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Hi Ted and to all Graff Base Council, can you please check this and any suggestion
For the Fourth ?

Hey @Ligaya looks great so far.
I’m not so sure about the phrase “enjoy your stay” and how it relates, could we maybe change this maybe just the :100: or :fire: emojis?

And then for the 4th one, we could use the piece you did from the “throw your tag” competition:

OR alternatively some sort of celebrate kind of emoji, like this one :tada: or “to the moon”


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The Graff base word Ted??
Alright :relaxed:

And the one with the painting??
Ill Make it 100% instead of Enjoy your stay?

I add the enjoy your stay Word as saying Enjoy your stay here with us in Graff Base hehehe

Ok i get it all, ill finish it today :relaxed::relaxed: