[PROPOSAL] Spiritual DAO Visual Identity Bounty

[PROPOSAL] Spiritual DAO Visual Identity Bounty

Proponent : Spiritual DAO

Project Timeline: April 5th – 30th

Objective: The main objective of this project is to create the visual identity of Spiritual DAO. This visual identity is composed by:

  • Logo (symbol+name) in color, black and white, negative and possible 2nd version
  • Colors of the brand and variations
  • typography for content of the brand (besides the typography used in the logo)
  • Visual Identity guide of the Spiritual DAO

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this project is to have a solid image to be recognized by people. This brings professionals to the DAO and make people fill more impelled to join and participate. This will bring a face for the DAO to show up out of the NEAR protocol and bring people in it.

The project:
We will set a bounty to create this visual ID. We want to have a design made by someone that’s already is in the ecosystem (or are entering on it) and give back to the people that is in the community.

5-30 april 2022

  • First Week:
    Create the bounty with the content wanted (logo+colors+typography+guide), timeline and prize. All with a lot of details to help people participate;
    Begin the divulgation of the bounty inside and out of NEAR protocol (to bring more designers to the “contest” and to the ecosystem)

  • Second week:
    Finish the divulgation
    Select the winner

  • Third week:
    Start the process of the creation of visual ID

  • Forth week
    End the visual ID

We need 378 USD for this project.
One person or design group will received it ass follow:

  • Logo - 90 USD
  • Colors - 90 USD
  • Typography - 90 USD
  • Vidual ID Guide - 108 USD


Final Products: A logo; files of the logo; visual id guide; our logo and guide minted.


[REPORT] Visual Identity Spiritual DAO one time bounty - April 2022

Due lack of time we still running the bounty and will finished the process in a couple of days

project participants


Project Status Completed (on finishing and paying process)

What we have accomplished in April

We had 10 identity options entries and we are choosing the best of them.


We see the enthusiasm of the ecosystem to participate and a lot of great ideas never thinked before. Will be a hard process to select one.


We learn always to count on community to make great work we didn’t think before

Next Steps

We will develop the other staps of the visual identity with the chosen one and pay it.

See you all in the next one <3