[Proposal] August 2022: MotionDAO in Residence, K.Format gallery, Documenta 15, Kassel

Proposed activities for MotionDAO in Residence, an event which will take place during Documenta 15 in Kassel, Germany, at the K.Format Gallery.

  • From 05.08 to 09.08 Daily TNFs
    Creation of a collection at Satori Creator Studio
    For each day a new series and a new campaign during 5 residency days.


Curate the collection and prepare the files for minting, texts and publishing.


Production of posters with QR-code (wallet creation and claim NFT) for each campaign and exhibit in the gallery.
The goal of this initiative is to encourage the public to create near wallets and start a collection of art NFTs (also by buying) on mintbase.io.
Expected are 30 claimed NFTs daily and 10 wallets created.
Funding request for campaign fees and production costs 200 USD

Remote: collaborative development of concept and definition of the technologies.
On site: technical set-up and live performance.

Funding request for fees and expenses 200 USD

  • At 09.08 ARts “another economy is possible”

Presentation of ARts in a playful and participative action with the public. ARts is an AR app which works with tattoos and stencil art, in collaboration with @JeanneB and @solsista
It is a part of Forest Stillness project and of Value(s) of Solar(see July report)
Funding request for production expenses 50 USD

  • At 09.08 participation in Fluid Motion with DelayRGB a (“historical” from 2007) interactive motion-based interface, first created with isadora and re-programmed in Processing.

  • Creation of a website for MotionDAO to present in the MotionDAO in Residence: http://motiondao.art

target wallet: aznarrak.near
Total request $450 USD


Here my report for August: