[APPROVED] MotionDAO- An introduction to Web3 in 4 Online Workshops | September-2021

Project/Council Members: Marlon Barrios Solano
Near wallet: unstablelandscape.near
Proposal for September/October 2021

Total Requested Funding Amount: September and October 2021 1100 NEAR
550 NEAR for September

MotionDAO: A Crypto-economy for the Global Dance-tech Community

An introduction to Web3 | 4 Online Workshops (two in September and two in October)

MotionDAO will design and deploy the first stage of the onboarding of dance-tech members offering a series of 4 online workshops and online one-on-one mentoring using the NEAR Protocol and its ecosystem of tools in September and October 2021.

The four 90 minutes sessions will introduce the participants to the fundamentals concepts and practices of Web3: blockchain, smart contracts, crypto wallets, token economy, remittances, emergence of value, non-fungible tokens, DeFi and DAOs.

Each session will be divided in three parts: conceptual framework, a hands on practicum and a Q&A.

The emphasis would be on the use of Web3 tools such as: crypto wallet creation, receiving and sending crypto-currencies (NEAR and MOTION), NFTs, and liquidity protocols.

The last session culminates with the formal invitation to join the MotionDAO.

Creative explorations are encouraged

Six hours of online mentoring are offered by appointment.

Suggested dates:

September 12th and 26th and October 12th and 24th 2021

1pm EST

Facilitated by Marlon Barrios Solano

Offered free of charge.

Participants need to join www.dance-tech.net and the group for the workshop

Sessions Duration: 90 minutes.

Conceptual, practicum (hands on) and Q and A

The sessions are conceived to be sequential and will be recorded.

Max of 20 participants

Airdrop: 10 Near each participant per session.

Budget for activities for September and October 2021
1.- 10 NEAR for each participant x 10 participants (in may fluctuate) = 100 NEAR X 4 session =
400 NEAR
2.- R&D/protocol fees for workshops:
200 NEAR

3.- Media preparation and facilitation of sessions:
80 Near each session x 4 sessions =
320 NEAR

4.- 6 hours or mentoring sessions: 30 Near each hour = 180 NEAR

**Total for September and October workshops: **
1100 Near

550 NEAR Total for September

DAO target:

Recordings of the 4 session and participants projects will be shared in all dance-tech platforms and here.

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?
This is the first budget that I create in the blockchain space; I used general facilitation, training and consulting fees. Feedback is welcome.


Hey there @marlonbarriossolano, wonderful proposal. It all looks great from our end. Please feel free to submit a payout proposal to the Creatives DAO for 550 NEAR with the target being “motion.sputnikdao.near”

As the motion DAO grows, it would be great to see more community members getting on the DAO council and supporting the project with their own proposals to your DAO.

Also, to be clear, this has been [APPROVED] for September, for October, another proposal will be required :slight_smile:


Good luck with your activities @marlonbarriossolano and looking forward to an update on how the workshops are going/went and to seeing you in the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram chat!


Thank you so much!! :grinning:

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I have placed the call for the labs.
I changed dates to have more time fo the call and selection/ I also made them limited to 10 participants and the incentive now is 10 Near.
feedback welcome:

Thank you,


Ready for the first lab!


We started las Sunday with the first of 4 sessions. We had 7 participants representing Venezuela, Colombia, France, Belgium, Germany and Uruguay.
Three more are attending the make up session this Saturday.
It went very well and the group members offer different perspectives and have different levels of knowledge. A nice collaborative mood was developed.
Each participant received 10 Near after voting and deciding on different options about how to distribute the incentives. Priming for DAO processes.
Here is the link to the content of the session


[October21 Report ] (MotionDAO |October 2021 Report)

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September 2021 Report

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