[Approved] - Near Brasil - June 2023

Community Name: NEAR BRASIL
Country: BRAZIL

Social Media Links:
WEBSITE: https://nearbrasil.com/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/nearprotocolbr
Channel: Telegram: Contact @nearbrasil
Group: Telegram: Contact @BrazilGuildCommunity
YOUTUBE: Near no Brasil - YouTube

Community’s near.social account: Near Brasil | Near Social

@andersonbr Anderson | Near Social
@jcsta jcsta.near | Near Social
Other members are being are being chosen.

Funding scheme: June - Monthly


Since we started our community in the beginning of 2022 we have reached many accounts, partnerships, artists and people who work with Near in Brazil, engaging and bringing more people to know about the protocol.

We are helping to build the Brazilian Near community, bringing all the news and updates through the Website, Instagram, Telegram, Youtube and Twitter.

Among our works, we’ve done raffles for the $Near, and Brazilian arts. We made partnerships with several artists who use Near and participated in the Twitter Spaces

We participate in Near’s Brazilian Guild and like them, we want more people to know about the protocol, create their wallets, create, buy and sell NFTs and cryptos.

Our job is to provide information to the Brazilian public and create partnerships to engage the community.

This is an educational and informative project, so everything others are doing inspires us to create more and bring more information to our community.

Our differential is knowing Near for more than 1 year, working with Near since February of 2022 and meeting many people who work with it in Brazil.

Our country is immense and I believe that the work I have been doing will help many people to know more about the project and be constantly updated about it.

The project aims to continue what I was already doing and also add more partnerships, Twitter spaces and bring guests to talk about their projects.


We want to increase the number of wallets created and the number of transactions through the artists, projects and their communities.

Partnering with more artists and projects we can imagine more people coming to Near and knowing the protocol.

With Spaces/AMAs we want to engage and show the possibilities of Near blockchain. We believe the great partners Near has can give more confidence to people to understand and initiate in this universe.


Twitter: Tweets reached 197.0K impressions in the last 90 day

Instagram: +170 posts

Number of translations on website: +200 articles

A great Twitter Spaces with NearNauts Ambassador: https://twitter.com/nearprotocolbr/status/1613671516373147659?s=20&t=40x3KnVZjNwla-fNXX1iQA

Please also check our socials and our last Report: [Report] Near Brasil January 2023


We want to continue the work and do much more.

Over time we were able to meet many artists, talk to many people and understand that creating a community is perhaps the greatest challenge and also the greatest benefit that a blockchain can have. We want to create Near super fans.


We will focus on Social Media Management and Content creation, mainly on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and Website

Giveaways: To reach a good engagement in our social media channels again we are planning small promotions.

We want to translate/write articles of NEAR and projects of the ecosystem in Portuguese and present these articles to our community through our website.

Assist collections and artists in Near through meetings on Twitter. We are going to create Twitter Spaces and help artists and projects to undertake on the web3. Also help people who want to start their project in Near.

We are going to create a wallet with NFTs purchased every week from local artists and projects

Participate in online events representing Near.

Participate in physical events representing Near, looking for partnerships and networking.

What problem is the proposal solving?
Brazil is named as one of the 5 top countries with crypto users or/and interest in cryptos and blockchain. Many projects are being thought of and developed here as the government advances in regulatory talks. People here still knows primary the top crypto in Coinmarketcap so NEAR still has the path to be most well kwnon in the brazilian crypto space. Trough previous networking and with better support we can disseminate the Near Protocol all over the country.

How to solve the problem?
We want to help Near reach the 2023 goal of 10 million active accounts monthly. We want to be Near’s main channel and Hub in Brazil so that anyone can start in Near, develop in Near, buy, sell and create NFTs. We will also be able to help people look for grants and partners in Brazil and Latin America to start their projects.

In short, we want to continue learning about Near, teaching it and try to reach as many as possible of the 200 million Brazilians.

The purpose of this proposal is to continue the growth of the Near Protocol in Brazil, implementing and disseminating this innovative technology to educational entities in the country, bringing cutting-edge knowledge to people who already have knowledge of the crypto universe andalso new users.

We want to continue this work, using the channels to bring all Near Protocol news to Brazilians with articles, news and translation from the main channel, creating closer ties with Brazilians, so that they know more deeply about this protocol. And also partnering with all Near projects, Guilds and DAOs in Brazil that we already started.


  • Partner with Aurora Brazil Community.

Near and Aurora are connected and there is already a common telegram group, so we want to bring that connection to our RC.

In partnership with Aurora, we can educate and bring even more people into the ecosystem.

Because we know both technologies, we can help people build on one, the other, or both.

  • Partner with Web3 Brasil - Web3br.

Web3br is a Hub for companies and businesses and aims to help companies to enter on web3. It already has more than 35 partners (crypto events, blockchain tech suppliers) and keeps growing.



  • Partner with Web3dev.

Web3dev is a community of over 1100 developers and aims to be an educational platform for devs in Brazil and Latam. In addition they launch several online events with their partners.

With this partnership we want to launch a quarterly Hackathon.




Growth of 10% in social media
Latest news within the NEAR ecosystem shared in our community
Weekly articles about NEAR in Portuguese Language


CONTENT → Writing → Guide/News

  • Task: Write and Translation of the main news and articles of the Official website(technical and non-technical documents) and ecosystem projects
  • KPIs : Amount of articles
  • Metrics: 2-3/week
  • Budget : $ 400

CONTENT → Video → Educational/News

  • Task: Create 2 videos per month of Near and the main news.
  • KPIs : Amount of videos / Views
  • Metrics: 2 monthly videos / 50+ views each
  • Budget : $ 400

CONTENT→ Other→: Quiz, Challenges and/or Community awards

  • Task: 2 quizzes/month with questions about the weekly updates
  • KPIs : Number of answers
  • Metrics: 20 participants minimum
  • Budget : $ 200

SOCIAL MEDIA → Promotion / Distribution → Twitter and Instagram

  • Task: Daily posts on Twitter and Instagram with news and updates
  • KPIs : Reach and followers
  • Metrics: Increase 10% the number of followers

SOCIAL MEDIA → Promotion / Distribution → near.social

  • Task: Daily posts
  • KPIs : Followers
  • Metrics: reach 50 followers
  • Budget : $ 300

SOCIAL MEDIA → Promotion / Distribution → Twitter Spaces

  • Task: 2 Monthly Twitter Spaces with artists, projects and partners
  • KPIs : Reach and followers
  • Metrics: Increase 10%/month the number of followers
  • Budget : $ 350

SOCIAL MEDIA → Community Channels → Telegram:

  • Task: Support community members 24/7, share daily news within the NEAR ecosystem, activity contest, small giveaways to increase group activity
  • KPIs : increase group members, amount of daily messages, high contest participation
  • Metrics: +50 new members on Telegram
  • Budget : $ 350

Create and disseminate content about IAmHuman and Near.Social incentivizing with rewards and tips trough tipbot and giveaways.

The main way to have people onboarding on near.org to create accounts and grow our community will pass trough our partnership where we would have different groups of people.

We will plan activities together that can bring to try the BOS and projects on Near.

Funding Details
Total: $ 2000,00

Near Wallet ID: nearbrasil.sputnik-dao.near
Name: Anderson Rossoni
Telegram handle: @andersonzr


Thanks for submitting your proposal.

It’s important to the RCWG based on the focus of the ecosystem now on NEAR bOS and IamHuman. Looking at your proposal, nothing is said about it. A few questions to help you work on your proposal.

  • How shall growing media handles help people learn about bOS?

  • How shall growing media handles and your contents get more people to verify IamHuman?

  • How shall this proposal help to increase transactions on chain through the use of AstroDAO, near tip bot on telegram and other tools on NEAR?

It will be awesome to take a look at your proposal and make it fit into what is the focus of the ecosystem.

Thanks, thanks

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Hello. I have added the details but especially through partnerships we will bring people and make the activities and contests adapted to have people know and try BOS, Human and near.social.

Thank you for your proposal and the amazing job you have done for the ecosystem growth in your region.

I have few concerns;

Let me qoute “Since we started our community in the beginning of 2022 we have reached many accounts, partnerships, artists and people who work with Near in Brazil, engaging and bringing more people to know about the protocol”

Your community has been active for over a year, yet your social media handles growrh are poor, the points is too much focus on social media metrics is not going to yield much results looking at your current status.

If you can expand bit to add some more community outreach to partner with existing web3 community will go a long way.

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Hello @andersonbr and @Bakaka

I am Carolina, Near Brazil Guild Leader

I have some appointments to make: Near Protocol Brazil is not a regional DAO for itself. Brazil community is a lot of DAOs inside the Near Brazil Guild.

  • Near Brasil is active for more than a year spreading news and creating marketing content about Near Yes, And doing excellent work about it.

  • Creative Projects are funded by creatives, not marketing. And as long as we know, you guys don’t have experience in that too.

  • @Bakaka great appointment, the numbers are poor, because there are no previous projects, and most Brazilian DAOs are paused.

I hope you all understand my thoughts and I am available for any further questions.

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Isn’t this absurd?

Regardless of the resume we all stack, the RCWG has some prescribed guidelines for Regional Communities to be able to bring a return of investment to the ecosystem.

It’s advisable if we cooperate and build a better ecosystem and community than always talk about experience and how others lack it.

The RCWG is concerned about what Regional Communities do to grow the the usage of NEAR bOS, and get communities using the great products we have on NEAR.

While growing social handles is important, we need to state clearly how the growth of our handles will cause our community members to understand, love, and make use of the bOS.

Thank you!



Thanks for your question.

Yes, these are small numbers compared to other communities. I’ve been working alone for this period and now with the new requirements and changes we’re going to need some help so including @jcsta and also @whoiscavenaghi can help as he’s been participating in Near for a long time. Through her and other creators we had a group of people who moved Near in Brazil through artistic works financed by Creatives DAO. After the activities ceased, everyone left Near and we didn’t get any more interest from people. I would also like to add that our main communication channel with the most followers was Instagram, which was taken down by a domain and trademark registration company because Near Inc. claimed that we were using the name without authorization. Even with reduced activity, I still continued to disseminate Near’s main contents without funding.

Now I understand the new rules and accept your suggestions.
The point is that for the first month we will have a gradual return and try to reach different classes of people from the ecosystems through the aforementioned partnerships to achieve the requested requirements and goals.

We are going to make some changes to the proposal in order to fit in with what you commented.


What is absurd?

  • If it’s being asked for a successful metric and self-sustainable result, previous proposals and full results had to be studied. Not only numbers.

  • You say @andersonbr has poor numbers in the past -(because the Brazilian’s DAOS are temporarily paused)

  • A successful result will come if: market analysis + project creation + project management. A single project for all regional communities may not work.

  • To support and help regional communities is needed to watch closely one by one, not just throw metrics and guidelines. Each region worked and will work differently. Custom adaptations are required.

  • You say it’s absurd I talk about experience? You say he worked a lot of time and has poor numbers. Did you manage to see why? Judging the work of someone else without knowing the full figure seems absurd to me. What I said is a fact, because I am following the work since its beginning.

  • A re-onboarding process will be needed with the Brazil community, and also hard work in showing the new products and incentives.

About bOS: absolutely correct, that in my point of view is the most important thing at the moment. So let’s work on solutions for this to happen.

@andersonbr we will support and help you guys fit RCWG guidelines, and also with everything needed.

Thank you too @IgbozeIsrael for the great work :wink:


Thank you for yiur clarification.

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Hey Hi Carolina,

Good to see you here…

Lovely to hear Near Brazil Has a lot of Communities in it. Lets chat up to explore all the Communities in Near Brazil and how we can help those communities

Please keep in mind RCWG/Rcdao is working closely and collaborating with both the @creativesdao-council and the @marketingdao-council team to build these guidelines… A couple of Regional Communities have creative activities they want to explore and we also have a couple of Creative and Marketing communities looking to builld Regional Communities in their localities thus the need for these guidelines…

So keep in mind there is no experience lacking here as we are leveraging on collaboration to achieve these goals

We understand every region is different and implementations might be different aswell…

So we are here to help. How do we help rejuvinate the local communities in Near Brazil?.

Lets have a chat/call.

If we will have so much acvities focused on IamHuman and bOS, i am happy to support.


Moving to approved according to RG WG decision.


Please, change to AstroDAO ID. Thanks



Thank you @IgbozeIsrael @Dacha @whoiscavenaghi for your support.