[Proposal] Reco-Hexaplay - Social Interactive mini-mobile games competition on Near


Reco is building a compete-to-earn mechanism where gamers can compete in multiple casual games and win prizes/tokens for their knowledge and skill. Reco is trying to solve a play-to-earn system that heavily relies on the new user buying the NFT/Token to generate incentives toward gamers.

Reco Casual Games are edutainment games, education, and entertainment. We are trying to bring fun exciting ways to play games while gamers learn about general knowledge and specific skills. For example trivia - true or false for general knowledge, math problems for particular skills, or Match it for memory games and agility.

Description of product & innovation

Reco is a social interactive mini mobile games competition with prizes. Players can compete in mini-games such as True or False Quiz, Math Problem, Brain Test, and Match It! Players can see their score on the leaderboard and whoever is the winner will get prizes based on their achievements.

Reco (Real Competition) will add more games and features therefore players can choose the minigames they want to participate in and compete with others. Most of our games are mind-enhancing games like math or quiz, or other games that require skill and intelligence.

We are using Cryptocurrency tokens as our method of payment and prizes so people all around the world can participate in our mini-games. People can spend time playing games and earning tokens/rewards. RCT Token will be used to purchase competition tickets for players to compete in our platform to earn prizes.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Usecase

  1. Fairness in Competition

Using Blockchain Technology, all competitions within Reco are proven to be fair. Our community can check the blockchain to ensure that no unfair practices are involved in our trivia questions or other mini-game mechanics.

  1. Dividend Holder Token

Reco Token Holders and Investors will become a partner of Reco. They will get dividends for every ticket sold in the competition. 70% of ticket sales will go to the Prize pool, 15% to Hexaplay as the game developer of Reco and 15% will be distributed among token holders weekly. Using this strategy, we can ensure our token is valuable because investors can get weekly cash flow and compound interest for their investment in Reco Token.

Download Reco Game:
Search: Reco Hexaplay on Playstore

Youtube Introduction to Reco:
Search: Reco casual games competition



Phase 1 (Q2 April-Jun 2022)
Founding Team
Website building
Reco Whitepaper
Apps Development
Private Investment

Phase 2 (Q3 July-September 2022)
Reco in Coinfest Bali
Community Building
Alpha Test (300 Registered User)
Teaser and In-game Trailer

Phase 3 (Q4 October-December 2022)
Advisors and Partners
Octopus Network Accelerators
Open Beta Test Reco Apps (Android and IOS)

Phase 4 (Q1 January-March 2023)
Launching Reco Apps ● Compete-to-Earn
Whitelisted Presale
Smart Contract+Blockchain Development
KYC Audit

Phase 5 (Q2 April-June 2023)
Presale Reco Token
Dex Listing
Big Marketing Push and Social Media
Coinmarketcap & Coingecko listing
More mini-games in Reco Apps

Core Team (Since we cannot put a link in here please search our names on Linkedin to find our profiles)
Sonny Liputra - CEO / Founder
5+ years building tech startups in multiple industries such as e-commerce, trading software, blockchain, etc.

Tommy Liputra - CMO & Investment Partner
8+ years in direct marketing and community building in commerce and financial markets

Iman Wiharja - CCO
3+ years game developer and tech teacher and mentor

Felix Cary Giovanni - CTO
4+ years of mobile apps developer in multiple tech startups

Eric Wishnu Saputra - CIO
5+ years CTO in multiple startups such as e-commerce, shipping, saas and etc

Our Team always loves to play games, from pixelated games to hardcore MMORPG games like Dota, Ragnarok, and others. The problem with modern games is most of those games do not have value to the user rather than being fun. We are trying to make games that gamers can enjoy and have fun with while gaining knowledge and skill. E-sports is a big business but most of them only incentives to the top 0.1% of players. We are trying to solve this by making small competitions in that users can participate with players from all around the world. In conclusion, my love for both games and technology encourages me to build Reco.

Grants Request:
We are seeking a grant to support the development of our game. The grant funds will be utilized to finalize the core game design, develop the multiplayer and PVP mode, and integrate blockchain technology. Additionally, the grant will enable us to concentrate on marketing initiatives aimed at expanding the game’s community.

Total Request: 6500 NEAR

We hold a strong conviction that the Human Guild’s assistance will enable us to achieve our long-term aspirations. The Human Guild founders have established a remarkable community and launched exceptional games, and we aspire to become a member to gain insight from other project founders’ experiences. Eventually, we intend to make valuable contributions and share our experiences with the community.

By utilizing the received funds, we will expedite the launch of the game on the NEAR blockchain, create new mini-games, and establish the necessary legal infrastructure. These actions will significantly enhance our ability to gain traction and attract venture capital investors.

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This is a cool concept, especially as someone who enjoys playing games but also wants to work their brain. I have almost zero incentive to plays most games now outside of the fun factor. tapping into that part of my brain that wants to learn would be great.

Hope this gets some traction. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you hope can reach out to a lot of people in the NEAR community and contribute to NEAR and Human Guild Ecosystem! :smiley:

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