[PROPOSAL] Developing NFT contest app - Contesty


Contesty - is a first WEB3 NFT contest app. Participate in contests, vote and predict a winner to get rewards. Boost your NFT activity and discover new trends in WEB3 world.

Problems Solving

Contesty is aimed to be intermediate tool between user, NFT creators and marketplaces.

As NFT creator you can

  • participate in contests staking CNT token or NEAR (depending on contest type) and after it ends - win pool prize.
  • participate in FREE contest and just promote your works for free
  • Be in lists like “latest winner”, “active contest participants”, in voting page. Every time you participating - your NFT will be showing for everyone.
  • Collect XP to achieve new level and unlock special features
  • Make promotions and “special offers” for site visitors
  • Create quizes

As a Voter

  • vote for the best NFT you like and collect CNT token as rewards for your action. Also XP level.
  • predict a winner betting CNT token.
  • browse trending NFTs and latest winners.
  • go though direct link to buy your favourite NFT

As a Marketplace

  • provide regular contests. like “Paras weekly contest”, etc.
  • make special offers and sales for winners (e.g. every winner will get 20%. sale for proomotion pack, etc.)
  • encourage end-users through contest-based model to buy popular NFTs.
  • use open statistic API to get NFT metrics like: views, likes, TVL, engagements

And much more…

Proposal subject

We are seeking 10000 NEAR to complete future backlog.


**JAN 01-26. Prototyping**

:white_check_mark: Developing first prototype (Create contest logic, participation, prerdiction, earning CNT/NEAR token, XP)
:white_check_mark: Website launch.
:white_check_mark: Launch testnet with basic MVP (https://test.contesty.app/)
:white_check_mark: Integration with Near Social. [Prototype - Near Social]

FEB. Extended logic, Integrations
:white_medium_square: Community air drops.
:white_medium_square: 1-to-1, many to many, bracket-typed contests
:white_medium_square: “Complete a quiz to get NFT” logic.
:white_medium_square: “Promote your NFT” logic
:white_medium_square: Integration with Paras
:white_medium_square: AURORA integration

MAR-APR. People Engagements. Mobile App
:white_medium_square: Additional investment rounds
:white_medium_square: start developing Mobile App.
:white_medium_square: Marketing campaign

MAY. Mainnet launch

Prototype screenshots

From Zomland creators



That’s a cool concept - wish you the best of luck getting it off the ground! :slight_smile:


would love for you to join the NFT Builder group and share this across other NFT Builders nearbuilders.com

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