[Proposal] Rare Vandal x Samtoshi - Comic Book PFP Project

Rare Vandal x Samtoshi - Comic Book PFP Project

This project has been under discussion for a number of months already and @Samtoshi_F_Baby and I have gone through a few iterations of concepts and ideas until now. It has been approved as a project with Tenk officially and once we are ready with the primary phase, which is underway now, we are planning to officially release it just in time for NEARCon in September 2022.

We’ve made some progress on the following items and want to get started on the next phase of the project.

  • Rough draft of characters (see above)
  • Attributes & Items
  • Storyline & Concept - read more

What’s Next:

  1. Finalization of the artwork (pre-minting)
  2. Complete the story, roadmap & Tokenomics for the NFTs


  • June & July will be used to get everything together and ready for pre-drop promotion, which will happen in August so that we can gear up for the official launch at NEARCon 2022 in Lisbon in September


This request is to move this project to the next phase and get it ready for pre-drop promotion. This budget will be used over the next two months (June & July) for this project.