[Approved] Rare Vandal x Edofuku Collaboration

Rare Vandal x Edofuku Collaboration

Even before I made my way to Tokyo, I’d reached out to Edofuku to explore the possibility of a collaboration. I’ve admired his work and felt it resonated with my identity as Vandal. Now that I’ve taken on a new identity as the Rare Vandal, I’m even more inclined to explore my Hip Hop roots with a visual piece to match.

After meeting up with him personally and having conversations about NFTs


Edo is old school, so his work is all done by hand on paper with marker pens. The plan is not to try and convert him to a new process of “digital art” but to help facilitate the digitization of his art so that he can create NFT products.

This collaboration aims to be the beginning of this process and will act as an onboarding session.

The idea is to sit down and have him do his illustration of a photo of the Rare Vandal in a similar style to the piece in the image below. We will document the process and I will do the following:

  • Set up a wallet for him
  • Set up a dedicated contract for his work on Mintbase
  • Create a front page store on Gorilla Shops
  • Mint the output of the collaboration and make available for sale


Mintbase & Wallet set up = 6 N
Gorilla Shops Setup = 10 N
Commission Fee = $300


I see this is an event that happened before the funding Proposal. but I support the Activity.

Can you please Explain ?

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It’s like a bounty. But specifically for this particular artist, as I feel they could be greatly benefited by being onboarded into the Near ecosystem. Rewarding the artist for their work is an important part of what we’re doing and through this collaboration we have not only tap into a network of Japanese artists, but also the amazing people he’s collaborated with.

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No, this is not an event. It’s not something that has been proposed for funding before. I went to visit him at the gallery. I’m just sharing our meeting and what he’s done. We will be meeting up again and I will be onboarding him. Not sure where the confusion was, but please do point it out so I can make the necessary edits to the proposal. Cheers!

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So, I take that $300 will be used to Onboard him to the NEAR. it will be paid to him right?


Edofuku’s commission fee is $500, so I’ll be covering the remaining $200 from leftover DAO funds.

I’m meeting him on the 21st of May to do the onboarding and set him up with a wallet so he can begin the work. Then I’ll set him up with a Mintbase Shop first, so he can get familiar with the process.

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