[PROPOSAL] Questboard Proposal for NEAR Ecosystem & Octopus Network

Uniqueone.Network is committed to drive the community with fresh ideas, activities that interact between users, social, app and the ecosystem. We think that the mix of human intervention and autopilot is the right choice to get people involved in social activities with ease, thanks to the straightforward onboarding process. Introducing CREW3, a third party app that runs like the operating system for web3 communities. You need to enable JavaScript to run the app.

Here is a glance of what CREW3 is all about.

  1. Community Hub - CREW3 is a community hub that enables communities from Web 3 space to interact with one another from Gaming, DeFi, Art, Music, and Collectibles. The concept is to attract passionate community members that come for fun and genuine interest.

  2. Questboard - Work Hard, Earn Hard, that’s the drill. Projects can launch new features, organize an event, create quests, or sell digital assets, and getting community engagement is a snap with periodic leaderboard rewards.

  3. Logic Automation - You can create automated flows with your logic and conditions for onboarding, whitelisting, bounties, social boost, contests, and games but there’s an option which involves human intervention which is to verify images submitted by the user.

  4. Fairdrops - Don’t just focus on one area of reward, get every ecosystem connected, be it on-chain or off-chain data to reward members. Speed is crucial because it can be rewarding when you go further.

  5. No Bots - We get a lot of spams these days. CREW3 is a powerful referral system that guarantees the quality and activity of members invited, because it involves a lot of real interactions instead of bots interacting with the app.

  6. Loyalty - Get to know your communities in real-time and strategize on how to reward them throughout the process. Long term relationships with your communities spawn greater success of the project in the long run.

  7. Logins & Wallets - CREW3 relies on Discord with administrative rights to start with, the logic broadens as your level increases - for example you may upgrade one’s discord roles when they reach a certain level. However, you may opt for web3 wallets like Metamask or Walletconnect.

Proposal for NEAR Ecosystem & Octopus Network

We think that community building are packed with fun activities and critical thinking is essential in the long run. This is a new digital era of getting human interactions with the right mindset to work together as a whole ecosystem, or even the entire web 3.

Uniqueone.Network will be launching an IDO by the end of October 2022. We think that with the right engagement, both ecosystem ambassadors can work together with our protocol to create interesting quests for all communities involved. We wish to propose the following sponsorship from both ecosystems to enhance community experience.

1. Octopus Network
Proposed Sponsorship total : $1000 in OCT

2. Near Ecosystem
Proposed Sponsorship total : $1000 in NEAR

Funding Wallet : https://app.astrodao.com/dao/uniqueonenetwork.sputnik-dao.near
DAO Members : Council , Community Council, Observers, Members. Read more here.

Proposing a representative from Octopus & Near Ambassador to join our Observers to be part of the DAO for voting purposes once approved.


We have created our Questboard as follows. Please navigate to the following link and have a run through with our Questboard.


Thank you.