[Closed] Monthly funding D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO) - June 2022

Monthly funding D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO) - June 2022

Project Members:

Target: d-layer.sputnik-dao.near
Total Requested Funding Amount: 4100 USD
Current balance: 2.9N (16 USD)

the introduction of D-LAYER United Belarus DAO is here, it was created 25th of April
this month we’re working on growing our presence as in Near ecosystem, on Mintbase and 3XR through our store; as well as in cultural communities of Belarus, onboarding new artists; and creating social media channels to have platforms (to share artworks) and communication channels (to interact and gather with community) as instruments useful for all (us, artists, NEAR, metrics, etc)
creative projects that we’re proposing now are expected to provoke solid social impact in Minsk where all 3 of them could be presented physically and digitally in one time. same we wish to interact with NEAR ecosystem to show belarusian artists the way of collaboration and its outlines.
after 4-6 months we plan to become a kind of web3-production center in Belarus on NEAR Protocol that educates creatives about web3 and gives all the instruments and tools to develop members of United Belarus DAO into active NFT/Metaverse-Artists

we’ve started social media:
Telegram channel and chat

Projects & Timelines:

  1. Onboarding TreeSoundLab with NFT-collection of Real Things
    2075 USD
  2. creating charity project “Forest Spirits” with onboarding artist vladimir_selivonchik.near
    1000 USD
  3. anaREC - sound-nft experiment, with bounties for Near community
    1000 USD
    total: 3075 UDS
  • onboarding artists (for activation of wallets and fees for transactions when minting NFTs) = 100 USD
  • Council Work : 900 USD
    DAO Facilitation involves all the miscellaneous activities related to the DAO’s management, i.e. councils and members onboarding, budget writing, report writing, projects/bounties creation and curation, Telegram group moderation and working on all fresh channels, our Mintbase Store and Paras Store creating and updating, events and weekily calls organization, jury work for bounties, etc. Normally, DAOs would dedicate 30% of their monthly funds to such activities.

Total Requested Funding Amount: 4100

Expected metrics for success:

  1. every project creates a number of posts and stories in social media with tagging social channels of d-layer, so we expect it’s natural growth
    Instagram: to 50-80 followers
    Twitter: to 50 followers
    Telegram: grow to 70-80 members

Successful activities till end of June means:
1 ) Active Telegram group - talking about opportunities for arists and musicians on NEAR Ecosystem.
2) Active Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR and involving members to participate in giveaways and activities of other DAOs on NEAR
3) Active Instagram account with regular unique content from Belarus artists
4) linktr.ee that contains all the materials and links, that is producing by DAO

  1. we’re working on next months proposals with big belarusian artists and July post will show a success in it - 3 great proposals will be included in our monthly plan.

  2. publications in local media, posts and announces in social media of them and new members of DAO - 10 minimum

  3. the number of new minters on our mintbase store
    we expect up to 10 new creators will study with us how to mint artwork as NFT and will be added as minters.

Previous posts:
*Creatives Proposal in May
*report from May proposal
*Marketing proposal in June



Hello Hello =) I need your help partners.

You received funding already, you collaborate, make a report, now you are proposing for another month but you still didn’t create your DAO?


we’re putting every time creation of a DAO for marketing proposal.
1st time it was here

now here

just because i thought it concerns marketing category
so now if only this reflects on our continue work, we’ll make it straight away from personal funds

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here it is !
is inserted to proposal

Hello everyone,

As we’re not funding daos that are created recently, and as this DAO was created yesterday on Astro, we won’t be able to fund it for 2 months.

You can apply in August for the same :pray:


according to forum the DAO has appeared 1,5 month ago and is actively working since then

it had been already funded
after approving proposal

this DAO can not be named as new**
am i right or not? @creativesdao-council @adrianseneca @Monish016 @ted.iv @hevertonharieno @FritzWorm

last month we were working on growing as a DAO, even without our own astro i was showing and teaching Astro on the example of goadao and by tutorials from community (marmaj, incubadoradao), so it’s already 6->7 members there. and we plan to involve artists to astro through bounties, voting and NFT=members cards and generally have certain roadmap, that is started to be performed


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Hello Hello, as you received funding and we are building a decentralized and transparent community, it was expected from you to create an AstroDAO address and utilize it.

This is a good opportunity to remind all that using DAOs, building communities and being transparent are 3 key top important duties for all the members of the Creatives DAO.

From my side, I encourage you to look for support from the community if you feel that we are doing a not so good decision. The community is above the moderators.

You have all our support if you want to have a call to receive further explanations I am open to it, or to give more guidance. This could be also a good time for you to focus on the activities you might run on the other DAO you are being part of: INA DAO who was approved already.

The decision we (Moderators) made together is to reject this time, and open the opportunity for you to reach us for more guidance.

You are an important member of our Community and we know we all will keep improving step by step.

Big hug!

I don’t get you at all @FritzWorm
I’m not a part of INA DAO, i just collaborate with them
This month i have no proposals from GoaDAO with only one reason - to work on growing THIS community. Look - from me it’s no other proposals this month, just for Belarus DAO.
I can’t get the reason of rejection at all.
It’s all right with previous proposal and report.
Should I look for other cases like ours that was funded?
Please @creativesdao-council could you explain here what is going on?

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Yes please, could you give a link on your calendar

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@FritzWorm so what definitely is been doing :pray:

About INA - I’m not a council member there, just as artist and collaborator, the difference is quite clear, I’m not working for INA DAO in no ways

Having voting power is being a council. You can give another name. Not having any voting power but just voice on a telegram group or similar and participating in the activities is being a member.

It is very clear that you are part of the INA DAO community.

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Hey @FritzWorm , At INA right now we have 3 council members who are able to vote on everything - myself, @klarakopi and @BeluEspina. We also have 2 advisors who have a less powerful vote, but can vote on Council matters like budgets. We also have just a general membership consisting of 27 members, including @johanga . The general membership was created so people could vote on artwork for our monthly projects, that is the only thing they are able to vote on. @johanga is not part of the INA DAO council.


Not being part of the upper management is one thing, the point is that @johanga is indeed part of the INA DAO community and I just wanted to encourage her to keep being active as an important member of the Creatives DAO.

Thank you,
anyway it has nothing common with your offer

because I don’t run activities there :slight_smile:
My activities are running through #goa-dao :rocket::orange_heart:
and I do my best to start running activities for #united-belarus-dao but seems like unsuccessfully. as creative people there have no funding of their art already for 26 years , and they continue running activities without any support , but still doing unique incomparable creativity


Yep, let’s say “participate” instead of run.

I understand your feeling, I have received rejections on proposals myself.

Again, if you can convince the community, here the whole community hold the ownership.

Also, looking forward to working together with you in the Near Certified Creatives! Let’s still onboard Creatives from Belarus :100: