[proposal] planet lukukul: pfp collection

to activate the community we will be creating a self-titled collection.

planet lukukul: (look who’s cool) is a dystopian planet for cool people, where the priority is to let everyone just be, because being exactly who you are is cool. on planet lukukul we do not discriminate on any level and we accept people as they are.

planet lukukul:
it will have 333 editions with 100 sent to genesis holders

the art will be drawn by two artists in the community

the roll out gifs and videos will be done by an animator who is also in the community.

the collection is linked to physical merches.

the collection will have characters from an animated story related to the planet lukukul.

the animation is going to be attached to the lead single from my next extended playlist.

to get creators in the community involved in the activation of the dao. to experiment with pfp collection, physical utility and the link to music.

the art and animation will be ready within the month (september to october)
the animation will be published, but the art will not be minted until when the buzz around it is deemed sufficient.

budget request:
animation video: $450
compensation for two artists: $380

total: $830

here’s an overview of our funding request for september