[Closed] planet lukukul: a collection and a community

hello, i’m reespect, a rap artist based in lagos, nigeria. i have had the most freeing experience in music since i joined this community and for that i’m very grateful.

i created my genesis nft : [Approved] moodswing music project (ep)

in may and now it’s time for something a lot bigger, a whole new world stacked up on the genesis.

planet lukukul.
planet lukukul (look who’s cool) is a dystopian planet for cool people, where the priority is to let everyone just be, because being exactly who you are is cool. on planet lukukul we do not discriminate on any level and we accept people as they are.

the collection once executed is also going to be the community.

the collection will have 5 characters from an animated story related to the planet lukukul.

the animation is going to be attached to the lead single from my next extended playlist.

planet lukukul:
-it will have a website, a twitter, instagram and a store on mintbase.

-it will have 333 editions with 100 sent to genesis holders

-the art will be drawn by an artist i will onboard

-the roll out gifs and videos will be done by an animator i will onboard.

-it will be published on physical magazines with focus on near and the forthcoming ep.

-it should be available on the 18th of august following a physical onboarding event, but i have to start work immediately.

i’ve attached a video of my proposal to make it easier to consume:

i would love to collaborate with blaqk stereo on this especially on the creation of the website.

this will lead to an immediate handshake with the planet lukukul community and when it time for the physical event blaqk stereo will be on every branded material.

the end result of this project is going to onboard new individuals and collectors into the near ecosystem.


website and website design: $1000

wallet: reespect.near

@Hawwal @cotmusic @blaqkstereo


We love onboarding :hugs:, good luck on your project!

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Hi @reespect
We have gone through your proposal,it’s actually a beautiful proposal.but we would like you to know that our DAO’s mission at the moment is not in line with websites creation.
Proposals regarding website building should be proposed to @marketingdao-council for this piece of your project
we look forward to working with you on subsequent proposals

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that’s unfortunate, but for whatever it’s worth website creation is in part of a bigger picture. funding limitation and collaboration is the reason why it’s split.

you can check the second part here: [proposal] planet lukukul: a collection and a community pt2

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Good evening,

  1. What problem is Planet Lukukul solving?

  2. How is the problem being solved?

  3. How does this help get to billions of users?


planet lukukul as a community is to house creative people and collectors, with focus on dismantling social issues in fun ways. the initial focus is africans and nigerians, bringing them together around music, the music i make and hopefully music other select community members make.

planet lukukul as a collection is to expand the use case of nfts as it is directly linked to purchasing merches. the nft will give you access to the community and also the merches while appealing to people who currently only understand pfp nfts. the collection is also built on storytelling/a storyline making it something you’d want to know the backstory of to own.

as for getting to millions of users, this project is starting small, the idea is to create the collection, have a physical and metaverse event around onboarding new near collectors/users where the event also doubles as a listening party to my forthcoming ep.
so imagine it like spoon feeding people the nft opportunities with a visible and engaging usecase which is the music.

i hope this answers your questions


Thank You! How many people in the community?

okay, right now, the community is on discord and we are 50+, but like i said this is the beginning of the project, up next is a physical event for 50+ people who will be onboarding through the community.

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Could you please give me access ? :blush: Thanks

yupp, i’ve given you access

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Ok. Happy to support. Looking forward to seeing results :grin:

Have a great day!


i appreciate that :pray:t5:

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Interesting start. I have also requested access. Can you turn the permissions to view for everyone?


i thought i replied this, yes i’ve done that…

Hey @reespect I like your mission to bring more women musicians into web3 via NEAR (as mentioned in your video proposal).

The project sounds interesting, my issue is with the detail in the proposal. You’re asking for $1K to build a web site, but there’s not any supporting information outlining things like:

  • Why is a web site needed?
  • What will be on the web site? What is the content you are planning?
  • Who will build it?
  • What platform will you build it on?
  • How will the web site help to onboard new users into the NEAR ecosystem?

I typically ask proposers to share details like that on the Forum before I support funding.


this proposal is the first of two parts, i split it into two because of funding and also be able to collaborate with the daos on it in the future (that isn’t working out well for me so far) so here is the second part : [proposal] planet lukukul: a collection and a community pt2

the extra needs at the bottom explain what other elements come to play asides the website, also the website will be where people can mint the collection from once it’s time, find announcements from the community, purchase merches and tickets and maybe even find new music.

the website is needed as a landing page people can go to check what the collection is about and what the vision for it in the future is, it’d also help with increased credibility.

the two people working on it haven’t been onboarded yet but will be, a website designer and a website developer (i don’t know if it’s necessary but their names are cynthia and favor, cynthia is the website designer and her full time job is ui/ux)

i don’t know what you mean what platform, we haven’t decided on a .domain but it’d either be .art or .io
i.e: www.planetlukukul.art/.io

if you mean what protocol, then definitely $near. $near is my gateway into web3 so i intend to build on near.

as for the last question, in the course of rolling out the collection, i intend to have a physical event that’s going to be a listening party for the ep and at the event i intend to onboard all the invited guests (looking at 50-60 people)
i intend to explain why they should hold the initial (moodswing playlist nft)
because they automatically get this new collection that way.
once this happens, we use the buzz to onboard even more people.

this question is very timely because i’m having issues with getting even the second part of this proposal approved, i submitted it to afrostar guild and although there was no fault found with this proposal in particular, the other proposals submitted didn’t reach the standard and the whole thing was closed.

i’d really appreciate if i can also move the second part here so i get funded $2k or if i can be shown how to go about it without it becoming too messy.

sorry for the long read and thank you for your patience.

Thanks for your proposal.

We are proud to have a Community Fund that is able to support a wide range of initiatives. In fairness to all members of the community, we do have to ask applicants to be as resourceful as possible with that funding.

Questions -

  • what tools are you using to build website?
  • there a bunch of no-code and low code tools out there, drag-and-drop website builders, that can probably help you get at least the basics going. You should conside these as it would be very cheap.
  • Is $1000 for the website where you believe this project can add most value?
  • How much more funding would this project require from Marketign DAO to be a success?



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It’s a no from me for now. Thank you for your application.

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according to the developer we will be using typescript + gatspy for the front end, haven’t decided what to use for the backend

part of this fund is specifically for website design by a ui/ux person, i want the website to feel like planet lukukul. it’s the same way there are easy ways to get logos but i’m making sure i get professional help for longevity. so when the logo is on merches it feels good. the feel/experience is what i’m particular about.

getting a good and well designed website is a one-time payment for endless value. like i’ve mentioned the website will be used to mint, also to sell merches, to pass information across and maybe even music* we’re not so sure of that yet.

the project will require $1000 more with breakdown of:

animation video: $400

compensation for artist: $200

publication: $200

mixing and mastering ep: $200

Thanks for clarifying.

I believe that as these are all expenses that fall under the personal project category, where you can exercise full discretion of artistic work and tech implementation, and are either too premature or ineligible for community funding.

At this stage I am unable to support this proposal.

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