[introduction] planet lukukul the community

planet lukukul is a dystopian world for outliers, storytellers, dreamers, and super cool people.
in fact, the name is us saying “look who’s cool!” as the new lukukulan walks in :smile:

every cool person on the planet deserves to share their dreams and the collective dream of this world.
we do not discriminate on planet lukukul based on race, gender, sexuality, age, or any other aspect of the person’s life.

the message is to just be. be you, because being exactly who you are is cool.

the planet lukukul organization (dao) exists to serve music, creativity, and humanity in the $near protocol.
it is designed to connect and onboard music artists, fans, admins, etc. to web3.
promoting independence and sustainability for music artists (especially non-males) while protecting their art is one of our top priorities as the general course continues to grow into a bubbling community.


-planet lukukul collection:
kickstart community buzz by hosting a collection tied directly to reespect’s debut ep.
the collection will have 5 characters from an animated story related to the planet lukukul.
the animation is going to be attached to the lead single from the ep.

it will launch the planet’s forever website, social media, and store on mintbase.
the art direction of the collection (production to roll out) will be done by artists in the community
it will be published in organic magazines with a focus on near, planet lukukul, and the forthcoming ep.

bear in mind that this collection isn’t going to be announced until after it’s been created and will get the ball rolling for the community activation.

-host an onboarding event
to attract more community members and further explain the vision of the organization.

throw an open audition to african non-male music artists and sponsor 3 to kickstart their web3 careers.

-community product
create and deploy an inter-dao product (probably a game) that solves some community problems.
during our community calls, ideas on what the product will do will be deliberated.

to create funding for creative and suiting projects, focusing on music.

note: these goals will continue to evolve as the community grows.

membership: people can join this community by joining discord and requesting to add as members on astro.

you can also follow the dormant socialmedia
they will be activated once the collection is ready

our dao is composed of only general members. the council is an administrative and decision group that will be created from the member’s group.

right now, reespect is the only council and creator of planet lukukul.

@metareespect on twitter

so what’s next?
we will submit a proposal to creatives dao for funding to kick off the planet lukukul collection.

thank you for taking your time to read this, join the community if it feels right!
if you have thoughts or questions, drop them below.