[PROPOSAL] Developing infrastructure solutions for GameFi ecosystem

Meta DAO Guild is a P2E Guild that develops infrastructure solutions in GameFi. It builds an ecosystem beyond scholarships for comfortable development and earning for players, GamFi projects and investors, delivering the first solution to provide automated yield on gaming assets.

Meta DAO Guild ecosystem contains a few decisions for GameFi market:

  1. ️P2E Guild and gaming community with a unique clan system
  2. Learn-to-earn training ecosystem for scholars
  3. Games Discovery
  4. The first p2p platform for NFT rent
  5. DAO Launchpad for new GameFi projects

All these directions will develop the NEAR ecosystem, providing users with instruments that help raise games’ adoption and involvement of players, investors, and game developers.

Our mission

Meta DAO Guild aims to be a metaverse and blockchain gaming guide for many people from all over the planet. We create a universal environment where every community member can grow and earn in the GameFi sphere. We are at the origins of the new virtual economy infrastructure, which will become the financial system foundation of the metaverse.


GameFi market is still young and on its way of growth, and most of its participants face different problems.

  1. The income from P2E games can be more than the average salary in developing countries. But often gamers can’t afford to purchase the expensive gaming NFTs, so they can’t start to play and earn even if they have the will and time for it.
  2. On the other side, many games are realized monthly, so players have difficulties choosing the perspective game and understanding it.
  3. Many owners of gaming assets (or potential NFT investors) don’t have enough time for the daily execution of the gaming tasks to earn on their NFTs.
  4. New game projects (especially new ones) face problems with attracting new players, explaining the game’s features, and growth of community involvement.


Meta DAO Guild is developing a range of infrastructure solutions to meet all these problems.

1. ️P2E Guild and gaming community with a unique clan system

Meta DAO Guild starts with developing the cryptogame community. It has 35K members for now. The Guild allows players from all over the world to earn money on NFT games without initial investments. It selects the best games, buys in-game assets, and rents them out to its members through the Scholarship program. The Guild hosts tournaments and competitions and organizes internal structure, support, and community development.

For the first time in the market, Meta DAO aims to organize a Guild as a Clan system. It will help to decentralize education, management, and control of scholars. Each clan will organize education and management by itself. Each guild member will have the possibility to establish his own guild inside the Meta DAO structure.

This work helps in the development of the NEAR crypto games community. Successful scholars will become Clan Leaders and attract their friends to their Clans. New gamers will become scholars and start their way in crypto games. New games will develop their community in collaboration with Meta DAO.

NEAR gaming community can create a Clan and focus only on games developed on NEAR, thereby engaging the audience and creating a constant demand for such games, which will lead to the mass development of games on the NEAR blockchain.

2. Learn-to-earn training ecosystem for scholars

Meta DAO builds an interactive educational system with a gamification model. So, every new scholar goes step-by-step through the educational process and gains awards. It helps automatize scholars’ education. Gamification stimulates them to develop, raise their rating and earn more money. It’s possible to practice on real NFTs during the study.

Learn-to-earn system brings benefits for each side: the Guild gets educated scholars, games developers receive an engaged and understanding audience, and players receive a guide on the path to the correct and rapid development in the game with the potential to become the best in this game.

This is significant for the mass adoption of NEAR games. Because not only financial barriers prevent users from new games, but also difficulties in game understanding. We build our system to make gamers’ education and evolution easy, profitable, and fun.

3. Games Discovery

Games Discovery is a Top blockchain games list. It makes it easy to navigate, explore and choose the game to invest in and play. Most important metrics are collected in one place and detailed information is also. Players can find all the necessary information to make a decision.

Moreover, there will be airdrops, beta tests, and token/NFT sales in GameFi. Thus, games can get early investors and an engaged audience. For a player, it’s an opportunity not to miss a worthy project, as well as to get bonuses like free mints, airdrops and affordable prices at an early stage of sales. The Guild gets an audience interested in games, which can be converted into scholars.

Meta DAO already now helps new games to find their audience: organizes AMA sessions and giveaways, prepares new games reviews, organizes beta test participation for the community.

Games Discovery will help new NEAR games to find their audience by presenting them on the list as our partners. It will also help gamers and NFT investors navigate in the sea of GameFi projects, choosing them by objective criteria.

4. MetaRent - the first p2p platform for NFT rent

Meta DAO develops an infrastructure solution, which gives an opportunity to game assets owners to rent their NFTs (characters, lands, items, etc.) out to educated scholars from Meta DAO Learn-to-earn system. The platform provides instruments to guarantee transaction security for both sides. Income from the gaming activity is shared between the NFT owner and the player. The platform allows scholars to receive NFTs for rent and start to play and earn without initial costs. On the other hand, it allows NFT owners to gain a passive income from their NFTs.

Another function is to allow games, that want to rent their NFTs out, also give them for rent on the MetaRent platform. It helps games to attract new players and gives opportunity to gamers to play without buying NFTs.

Moreover, if a user isn’t integrated into the GameFi market, and doesn’t understand NFT’s, but wants to invest in GameFi, there will be an option of investment in stablecoins. Meta DAO Guild will organize NFT buying and scholar hiring for this NFT. The profit will be shared between the investor, the Guild, and the scholar.

This solution will match three types of market subjects giving them a smooth way to earn in the P2E market. NEAR games can significantly raise their auditory (both gamers and NFT investors) thanks to MetaRent.

The stablecoin investment option will help to increase the adoption of GameFi among investors.

5. DAO Launchpad for new GameFi projects

DAO Launchpad is a decentralized venture fund and an accelerator for new GameFi projects.

Meta DAO invests in new GameFi projects on the Private Sale stage, providing their members with the earliest acces to their tokens. And also opportunity to participate in alfa and beta-tests, access to unique NFT and much more.

Game projects have the opportunity to raise capital, and also gain access to an involved game community. Through the DAO-voting MDGG holders select projects for investment.

To attend the Launchpad, MDGG token holders can send their coins in staking and receive income in GameFi project tokens.

The solution will help new NEAR GameFi projects to find finance and an involved audience for start and development, and gives retail investors a chance to invest in new projects in the seed stage. DAO model will help to build it on decentralization principles.

Benefits for NEAR ecosystem

Summarizing all the benefits of the Meta DAO ecosystem, we can highlight next:

  1. Gamers involving, educating and helping them to play and earn in NEAR games will attract new users and increase adoption.
  2. New games will find support in fundraising, development and marketing, and solution for NFT rent.
  3. Investors will have an easy way to get automated yield on NFTs, which will bring new attention to NEAR-based assets.


The Guild and the Scholarship system are already working. Also, we have realized airdrop, PR campaign, gathered the community, and developed our token smart contracts. The Preseed round of fundraising has been finished.

Now we are concentrated on partnerships with games and Web 3 developers, games beta tests participation and development of the Learn-to-Earn system, and Games Discovery.

Games Discovery is planned to release in June-August 2022.
Learn-to earn system will be developed during July-September 2022.
MVP of MetaRent is planned to release in Q3 2022.
The Clan system within the Guild and DAO Launchpad are planned to be launched in Q4 2022.

Please find our Roadmap below:

Website: https://metadao.gg/
Linktree: Meta DAO Guild | Linktree


Development team needed:

  1. TeamLeader/CTO - 8k$/ month
  2. UI/UX Designer - 3k$/month
  3. Front-end developer - 5k$/month
  4. Back-end developer - 5k$/month
  5. System administrator and information security - 3k$/month
  6. Smart-contract developer - 5k$/month

Total cost: $550k - $600k

Total ask: 37k NEAR


Hey guys, is this a proposal for Human Guild?

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Thank you for the question. We would like to communicate with both Human Guild and NEAR Foundation

For NF, you’ll need to submit a grant application.

You can reach out to Human Guild in their Discord.

Best of luck! :four_leaf_clover: