[Proposal] NFT Workshop in Salvador - Ecoarte UFBA

Proponent: Lenara Verle
Wallet: len.near

At the invitation of the research group in art and technology Ecoarte/UFBA, I would like to do a 3-hour workshop about NFTs, using NEAR and Mintbase.

The workshop will be in Portuguese and offer free entrance. The venue for the event will be UFBA - Federal University of Bahia in Salvador, Brazil.

(Although they can’t provide a budget for instructors fee, Ecoarte/UFBA will be offering the rooms and equipment, plus administrative help with inscriptions, submissions, curation and etc free of charge)

Number of participants: 30 maximum
Duration: 3 hours
Date: November 21st


  • Basic overview of NFTs and NEAR
  • Wallet set up, best security practices
  • Receiving and viewing NFTs in the wallet and on Mintbase
  • Mintbase interface, web3 login and profile creation
  • Store creation, default royalties and general settings
  • Adding and removing minters
  • Minting interface, mandatory and optional fields
  • Royalties and splits
  • Types of files: still, animated, video, audio, 3D, PDF, SVG vector
  • NFT storage, what is Arweave
  • Editions, choosing how many to mint
  • Transferring and burning
  • Listing for sale, how to choose a price
  • Buying NFTs, searching the marketplace
  • Accessing the integrated 3D virtual gallery
  • Promotion tools, Twitter, Telegram groups, Discord servers

The Ecoarte team will ask for a portfolio submissions to select the participants, since Salvador is a large city and there is a high demand locally for workshops in the field of art and technology.

Video recording
We will record the workshop and publish the video so it can be used as support material for future self-paced and/or guided workshops, as well as self-directed learning.

Text manual
We intend to translate to Portuguese the didactic materials that were produced during our previous workshop in Barcelona. It will be published with creative commons licence on GitBook

Onboarding wallet template
The paper wallet design from the previous event will be translated, as well as made available online for future use by the community.

Minting Store
We will be minting the NFTs using the store we opened for the previous workshop, so no funds are needed at this time for opening a store.

The funding requested for this event is:

  • neardrops for wallet creation and buying from each other (can be provided as links)
  • instructors fee for 3 hour workshop (includes preparation and setup): 250 USD
  • translation of didactic materials: 70 USD (the materials will become open source and available for the community to reuse in the future)
  • printing of didactic materials and paper wallets: 30 USD
  • video recording of workshop: 100 USD

Workshop total: 450 USD

Optional 1 - Open Call & Virtual Exhibition:

It was a big attraction in the previous workshop to have a virtual exhibition of the student’s work together with an open call for art. We would like to propose for this workshop a similar exhibition, using either the same Mintbase parcel on cryptovoxels or another loaned parcel.

We would also like to issue an open call for NEAR NFT artists, to be curated by the Ecoarte team.

This open call will focus on a specific theme to be defined by the Ecoarte team (for example: women artists, or global south artists, or art connected to nature and ecology).

The idea is to have together in the same exhibition more experienced artist and the new group from the workshop who is minting their very first pieces, and in this way welcoming them to the community.

The additional budget for the exhibition and open call setup is 150 USD for the tasks below:

  • custom building of the space with the theme “Salvador”: 5 hours;
  • preparing and hanging NEAR chain NFTs with images, videos, links, credits to all artists: 4 hours;
  • documentation, screenshots, videos to be used on promotion: 2 hours.

Optional 2 - Testimonies videos

We think it can be a good idea to record testimonies from the students saying what they liked and how was their experience minting on NEAR and Mintbase. We can then edit small clips that can be used on social media and other places. The videos will be mostly in Portuguese, but we can also record a few in English with the students who can speak English.

The budget for the testimonial videos is 150 USD for the tasks below:

  • recording up to 15 short interviews and testimonies
  • editing best soundbites into 5-15 seconds clips

Total workshop + exhibition + testimony videos : 750 USD


Dear @lenara

we really want approve the workshop and the testimonies video. (600USD)

We can give you the parcel for you to make an exhibition - but we would not give out funds for that. So you can choose if you want to do it or not :slight_smile:

I will need to check with @creativesdao-council if we can fund this in november, as we are putting the mintbaseDAO to sleep starting in november actually. And giving the funds back to NF/Creatives. I’ll be drafting a report and proposal to reimburse today.

I’ll come back to you with exact information as soon as I have it. But we really like the idea and trust the quality of your work!


Oi, que legal! Salvador fica bem pertinho da ilha onde moro, no que precisar, estou a disposição.


Thank you Maria.

We will do the workshop and testimonials for sure.

I saw your post about the DAO pause, tell me what you prefer, if you trust us to release the funds in advance we can do the payout before the workshop. Or whatever solution works best, just keep me updated.


and @LulucaL let’s meet in Salvador :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes please! Adoraria, mesmo. :v::sunglasses:


Congratulations @lenara on the approval of this project! I’m sure it will be an excellent event with important goals for the NEAR community and the entire crypto-art ecosystem. I think @marianeu and @mintabase will be happy with the results. I live in Salvador and I am an artistic collaborator of ecoart, a partnership of Profa. Dr. Karla Brunet and I have also been offering virtual meetings for students at the Federal University of Bahia on this topic, precisely talking about my experiences and guiding how to proceed to more actively access this network. it will be amazing to see this boundless expansion of the metaverse. good luck!


Ohh very nice to read that you are also active growing the ecosystem in beloved brazil!

If you are planning more educative activations soon, contact @frnvpr from IncubadoraDAO!


Very cool @mayhd let’s connect.

And @marianeu when you can, please generate the neardrop links for us :pray:

  • 30 links with 1 NEAR each

This is so people can also experience buying from each other. In my experience this step is extremely important and should not be regarded as “optional” or “unnecessary”.

First, it makes the whole experience more “real” - they can experience collecting and selling, which are both very rewarding activities. Besides, it models the behaviour of creators supporting each other, which is associated with greater success in the space. It therefore also leads to more future engagement in the ecosystem and a better return from the time and funds invested in workshop activities.


And by the way @LulucaL @mayhd this is the form for people interested in attending.

Feel free to forward to friends.
The workshop is free :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oiê, gente, desculpa. Covid me pegou e tô mals. Espero que tenha sido sucesso! Até a próxima :raised_hands::innocent:

Melhoras @LulucaL

A oficina foi ótima, o pessoal ficou super animado e quero conecta-los com grupos de artistas NFT brasileiros, aceito sugestões.

O Ecoarte fez já um post com algumas fotos, em breve envio o um relatório mais completo com as fotos e vídeos.


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The report is now posted:

Let me know if you have any comments and if I can submit the payout proposal on Astro @reginamintbase