[Proposal] (Onboarding) Hawwal Birthday Bash - March 20th

Introduction: Hawwal Ogungbadero popularly known as Hawwal is an R&B / afropop artist, actor, multitalented Instrumentalist and filmmaker who has played lead roles in major TV series like Jenifa’s diary, a minute to shine, industreets and so on. He has also acted in movies in nollywood and has appeared on tv shows and tv commercials across Africa. He is of Nigerian and British descent.

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Purpose: My birthday is just around the corner (March 20th) and I intend celebrating it. At the same time introducing all my guests to the Near protocol and onboarding everyone of them. I will be holding a giveaway for winners of the various games that will hold during the party. We will hold a question and answer segment about Near protocol after various educative contents about Near have been displayed on screen to the guests and the winners will win cash incentives to be paid in Near.

Expected Audience: An average of 50 to 100 people.

Requesting the sum of $2,500 for this party.

Venue : $500
DJ : $200
Host : $100
Organizers : $200 (3 organizers)
Security : $100
Giveaway : $400
Refreshments: $700 (food and drinks)
Graphics : $100
Decorations/venue setup : $200

Payout: hawwal.near


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Hello @Hawwal

Congratulations on your birthday month.

Creatives right now only support Guilds or DAO’s, so I am changing the TAG of your proposal. Maybe you can ask for support for some DAO, or maybe figure out some way to format it and ask Marketing. Maybe @Dacha or @David_NEAR can answer you better.

The creatives have a meeting with the DAO’s in our community every Monday. Feel free to join us:

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Thanks so much, I appreciate the help.

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Hello @Hawwal ,

  1. I think you and the target audience will be interested in the party but not in the NearProtocol.
  2. Also, I think many of your friends already have the near-wallets
  3. The budget is too much.

Have a great birthday!

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Hello @mr_free thanks so much for your quick response.
It’s very true that they will be more interested in the party but I strongly believe that this occasion creates an atmosphere designed to take peoples minds off their day to day stress and make them more receptive to what ever I will be presenting. Actually most of my friends don’t have wallets and I intended using this occasion to invite them onboard.
I can cut down on the budget if that will be ok. I do intend holding this occasion and I know it’s a great opportunity for me to connect with my friends and fans and tell them about Near and how it has been of great benefit to me as an NFT artist.

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Hey guys,

Love the enthusiasm, but I don’t personally believe the Community Fund should be utilised for someone’s birthday party even if NEAR is squeezed in.

That said, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! :partying_face:


Hi Hwwal, are you connected with NxM Music DAO? While I think your budget is beyond what they fund, they are focused on music so it may be a good fit. Fun fact, ONE of my birthdays is on March 20th lol

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Totally agree here, This seems more like a birthday party event :smile:

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Lol, I’m all about fun mixed with work. Henny and ice, you dig​:joy:. Never a dull moment :sunglasses:

Really, you march born too. Happy birthday in advance to us :partying_face::grin:. Yh I’m connected with NXM​:relaxed:

This almost seem like using NEAR to promote your birthday. However, what are the metrics to measure success of this in the sense that NEAR is involved in it.

Maybe you can have your birthday party and some other time, look into holding an event for the purpose of onboarding people into the ecosystem.

Thanks ser


This post gave me ideas though how to celebrate my birthday and be an geek at same time :joy::laughing: My friends would be like No we don’t wanna hear about it today, we’re here to enjoy and celebrate xD :pleading_face::laughing:

Imagine educating people when you’ve DJs at same place :sweat_smile:


Hey, So the my one goal is to simplify Near to the ordinary person that may not have heard anything about blockchain tech and all that. Keeping in mind that a gathering like this will have people from various sectors like real estate, music, entertainment, business, banking etc. so my yardstick for success would be getting everyone that attends engaged and updated in a stress free, fun environment. I’ve had several of events like this of mine and new Alliances were formed. All data will be shared with the council and of course, would be getting everyone from this event into my Dao which is gear primarily towards organizing such events, creating onboarding opportunities and simplifying Near.

You should invite me to your party, Getting peoples attention is what I do​:grin: