[Approved] NXM Membership Badge Application

Hello NxM family,
I’m Moneke Modebe, a.k.a Mercuri Medici a Nigerian born, Caribbean resident multi hyphenate artist (performer, producer & visual artist), co-founder of the AfricaFM community and member of Holdersland, blurred lines as well as moderator for umbadaima and AfricaNFTcommunity.
I credit @NatalieCrue for introducing me and the rest of the AfricaFM community to the NxM Guild and I’m looking forward to contributing towards the propagation of this ecosystem.

Find attached links to my music and socials.



@Paul @williamx
Kindly review membership badge application, thanks for your time.


Hi @Mercuri, thank you for the proposal. Really love to welcome new members to NxM.

Could you please link to the group/page/any social media where I can know more about the place you’re working & participating? thank you! :blush:

Thanks for your reply @williamx,
I’m attaching links to the communities on twitter;



@williamx also attaching



Hi there @Mercuri, thank you for the application. May I know your NEAR wallet?

Happy to inform that your application is approved by NxM moderator, please request to be a member on NxM Astro DAO here, the badge will be sent to your wallet soon!

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Hi @williamx thanks for reviewing my application, much appreciated.
The target near wallet; mercuri.near

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Hi @williamx i have been requesting to no avail to be made an NxM member via the link you provided. Can you kindly assist in this regard, thanks :pray:t4:

Sure, you forgot to attach this forum link into your proposal, and please create a proposal to request to join “Member” group, not “Council” group. Actually I can do it but it’s better you do to get familiar with DAO also :clinking_glasses:

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@williamx I appreciate you helping me figure this out, it says my proposal request to join is pending. Do you still require me making another proposal and attaching this link?