[Proposal] Near wallet upgrade

This post contains three suggestions for improvements to the NEAR wallet to extend usability and leverage existing functionality.


The near wallet has the option to select language. I would like to know if it is possible to add Italiano? Is there a bounty for this? Are there guidelines on what is needed?

I am working with a team of Italian speakers who are creating memes for Swine Guild and would also like to onboard local people to NEAR. Translating the wallet and wallet creation pages would make this much easier!


The wallet displays the amount of near in USD. Is it possible to display in EUR?

I am working to onboard people in Europe and it would be very useful to be able to select which currency is displayed.


The Collectibles tab allows wallet users to see NFTs held by them in their Paras account.

I have been working on NEAR Frame - a screen to display NFTs created on the NEAR blockchain https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-near-frame/1440/11?u=cryptocredit

Unfortunately the project has been on hold as I haven’t found a way to link to Collectibles in the wallet.

In the wallet i would like to:

  • select an NFT from Collectibles tab

  • then click ‘cast to screen’ using Bluetooth to display the NFT on a paired device (like the NEAR Frame)

Here is a link to a solution for Ethereum NFTs by Tokencast to give you an idea of what I am thinking about https://www.tokenframe.app/

I hope these ideas would be useful to the community and improve the user experience, as well as make the wallet available to a larger audience.



Thank you for this valuable feedback!

For request #1 (language), please submit a ticket directly on the repository at Issues · near/near-wallet · GitHub . I will make sure that your request goes through, as we have some community efforts in other languages (Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese) and maybe there’s room for Italian translations too.

Request #2 (curency) is handled by the product team, using the official productboard roadmap tool. Please submit your proposal there, we’ll make sure to take care of your insight and extend the wallet UI with other currencies.

Request #3 (collectibles) can be also submitted on Productboard providing additional information.
However, I don’t see the opportunity to extend NEAR Wallet with this functionality, for three reasons:

  1. this information is freely available on the blockchain, you can easily build your own application to read it and show it to your users. This would immediately unblock your project and you could show the device in function by simply sending a restful query to the indexer RPC
  2. the role of the wallet is to manage assets, and it’s hard for me to put this functionality within this scope
  3. NEAR Wallet is a web application running inside third-party browsers: creating a bluetooth bridge between a browser and an external device like the Tokenframe is complicated and I don’t have resources to promptly allocate to this project

Happy to answer any more questions!


Hi @StefanoPepe thank you for your clear response.

I have followed your suggestions and submitted a feature request for language on Github and currency on Productboard.

I have since spoken with a developer who has explained more about what is involved with the collectibles request, and i will look again at this in the future.

FYI there are some bi-lingual english/italian speakers who could help with translation if needed.


I want to propose the Turkish version as well actually I’m working on it. But now sure whom should I contact and how should be the format.
Would a screenshot of the original page(each) and corresponding text translation(.docx) do it?


This feature is gaining importance, so I commit to create a more clear process around translations.
In the meantime, opening a ticket and an associated pull request to the language file is the easiest way to proceed - with no guarantee of merging it anytime soon, as we still have to discuss the QA (e.g., word wrapping or too long sentences)


Hi @StefanoPepe good to hear that it is possible to work on a translation.

I am do not have much experience with GitHub.

Would it be possible to share the definitive wallet text English version file?

I would then be able to send back a translated version in Italiano. You could then do the necessary pull request etc

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same here, I have no idea on how to implement it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hello !!! Awesome feedback @cryptocredit !

Please @StefanoPepe I want to add that the solution for NFT transfers should be take it very seriously because of this → https://nspam.club

I know it is in the roadmap, just updating you now… that there are users complaining about it already:

All: this is the discussion to create a LOCALIZATION.md file with clear instructions and guidelines on how to add and take care of NEAR Wallet translations: NEAR Wallet LOCALIZATION.md // Guidelines discussion · Discussion #2293 · near/near-wallet · GitHub

@FritzWorm this is off-topic. We have already a contributor from Asia taking care of NFT transfers, next step will be looking into spam.


heh, innovative tho :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hahaha yeah :joy: . Smart guy, invented the new way to make spam on Blockchain… sending NFTs!

but… Annoying at the same time as any spammer.


@StefanoPepe I have added a comment to the GitHub discussion.

Creating a Localization file to give guidelines on what is needed to translate the NEAR wallet seems like a good way forward.

I look forward to assisting with this.