[Proposal] NEAR Frame

Build hardware and software solution to display NFT cards and other digital content. NEAR Frame is an android os screen with CMS software. Develop custom software with NEAR devs. Create a physical product to support NEAR ecosystem.

More details to follow…


Interesting, @cryptocredit. Did you submit this to a DAO?

Also, @riqi, this might be interesting to you :slight_smile:

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Proposal submitted to yolo.sputnikdao.near today!

I have been in discussions with Sasha and Vlad in Human Guild Discord as well.

This is my first posting in the forum but will be posting updates here in the future.

Have mentioned to @riqi that I was looking at ways to display nft cards and will be sharing more details via DM as the project develops.

Thanks @shreyas for your interest!

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Proposal now funded! Thanks to @vlad and @sashahudzilin


Looking forward to this!

Async.art has something on this but leveraging screens that are already around us.

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@yassine thanks for the link. Hope to have a working prototype of the NEAR Frame by the end of May


Great, let me know if you need a tester! :slight_smile: