[Approved] NEAR Turkey April / May / June

Hi @marketingdao-council, as agreed with @mecsbecs and @David_NEAR in our meeting, I am going to resubmit our three months proposal for Near Turkey.

The last January report you can find here: [REPORT] Near Turkey January 2022 - #4 by Dacha
In February and March we didn’t get an approval, but still supporting daily in the turkish group.
Currently we have about 100-500 messages in the group daily

I am going to send a three months proposal - April / May / June
Our plan is as follow:


Our main goal is to increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Turkey and heighten awareness of the NEAR ecosystem in Turkish-speaking area.

  • bring content in Turkish language about NEAR / share news and support:
    • Telegram chat Telegram: Contact @near_tr
    • Telegram news [NEW] Telegram: Contact @nearhaber
    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/near_turkey
    • Discord [NEW]
      • In the next three months we will also give support on Discord. The main reason for that is, I saw some questions there and I couldn’t see an active admin supporting. So I have decided to check once a day at least for now and answer all questions and also redirect them to Near Turkey Telegram (if they want to join and get a faster response). btw. does anyone know how to get the admin role there?
  • Continuesly get in contact with influencers and share about Near in different turkish community groups
    Tegan Gem Telegram: Contact @tegangem
    Respecttrade: Telegram: Contact @respecttrade
    Kriptotutkunlari: Telegram: Contact @kriptotutkunlari
  • Support in the group, help turkish members understanding about NEAR Protocol
  • Continuesly share News on Telegram and Twitter
  • Create articles here: https://www.kriptoparahaber.com
    Kriptoparahaber, operating since 2017, is one of the leading crypto news sites in the development of the crypto money industry in Turkey. It brings together the latest crypto money news, Bitcoin news, altcoin news and crypto currency analysis of experts with its readers.

Twitter followers 70k https://twitter.com/kriptoparahaber
Facebook followers 6k Redirecting…
Instagram followers 150k Login • Instagram
Telegram followers 5.5k Telegram: Contact @kriptoparahaber

Near Contest
I am planning to do NEAR contests (1 contest / month) to increase the activity in the group and give more members the chance to get admin rights and support


  • Education
    • We are planning to do an event in Ankara and Diyarbakir, for that I will get in contact with NEAR Meet and Near university
  • Development
    • Grant: NearZombies Milestone 1 is successfully finished, In April we are aiming to publish a MVP (minimum viable product) of the platform and share with all NEAR Guilds and partners.


Till June 2022 we are expecting to reach:

  • 10000+ members on Telegram (currently ~6500-7000 members)
  • 5000+ members on Twitter (currently ~3500 members)


  • Active Near Turkey Telegram group, support, news / announcements
  • Support on Discord
  • Active Near Turkey Twitter account, latest news, contests
  • NEAR Turkey Education and Development Team Building


  • 4x4 NEAR Contest on Telegram in May (~250$ Total)
  • Near Twitter contest: Like / rt / follow, 3 months / 3 winners with 50$ prize (~150$ Total)
  • Telegram & Discord & Twitter support admins 6 (payment according to their work and time spent. hourly basis ~ 5-10$ / hr. if 5-10hrs each admin / week → 20-40hrs / month *6
    • approximately: ~2000$ / month (3 months → 6000$ Total). Please note that the hourly prices can change depending on their work / hours + living country. We may add more moderators if the group activity is doing well.
  • Management costs: Create monthly reports, planning, Meeting with moderators, brainstorming, Social media management
    • 200$ / month depending to time spent (3 months → 600$ Total)
  • 6 articles on Kriptoparahaber: 150$/article (6 articles → 900$ Total)

3 months total costs: 7900$


Good evening. Great job. I continue support you, Turkey community and diversity on Near Protocol.


Thanks for the updated proposal. I have a couple questions:

  • What kinds of articles are you creating for Kryptoparahaber? Do you know the topics in advance? If not, can you include links to the content in your next report?
  • Do you already have the support admins working with you or will you use the funding to bring on new team members?

Hi @so608 Thank you for your feedback,
I am thinking to create articles about:

  • NEAR ecosystem - latest news, monthly updates
  • A sum up of NEAR’s Road to Decentralization
  • NEAR DEFI (latest updates)
  • NEAR Town Hall
  • NearPay, as we got some questions about it

Some of the articles will be translated and some will be self written.
I will include all links to the content in my next report.

Yes we already have support admins in the group, if we reach our goals in the next few weeks we might need new members. The activity competition will also help attract new Nearians to our team.

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Thanks for the answers – I can support this. You still need support from one more member of the @marketingdao-council for approval. Tagging them to help move this forward.


Moderation costs for Telegram seem high to me but I am happy to support this proposal for the next three months and see how it continues to grow and evolve.

Moving this to approved. Can proceed to post poll on AstroDAO