[Proposal] NEAR Puerto Rico

Hello NEAR Community,

My name is Trey, and I am pleased to announce the launch of NEAR Puerto Rico. I know the bear market has been tough on everyone, but tough times create tough people. I am a professional crypto trader and investor who made it through the last bear market, and one thing is for sure: the projects and protocols that persevere in down times reap massive rewards when the market turns around again. I’ve survived the last downturn in 2018 when everything that was vaporware vanished and only real development survived. There is not a doubt in my mind that this incredible technology is going to change the world. NEAR will survive, but we need to stay focused on the things that will keep pushing us forward, specifically: strong community support for the builders. I am in a unique position where I am surrounded by individuals with capital that moved to the island that have a long term mindset. I have also immersed myself around talented developers from local universities and other independent builders who have moved to the island. This combination of talent, community, and capital will foster the next generation of innovation that will cement NEAR as a blue-chip protocol in the multichain future.

  1. Goals and Objectives

Puerto Rico is one of the main crypto hubs for not only the Caribbean, but all of the world. The island is full of incredibly intelligent, passionate people building the future, and it’s being accelerated by the flow of crypto entrepreneurs flocking to the island. Our plan is to leverage this existing strong network of entrepreneurs, creatives, and developers into the NEAR ecosystem. The main objectives:

-Educate crypto playmakers about the opportunities of NEAR protocol.
-Create digital content to facilitate growth of our ecosystem online as well as in person.
-Leverage human capital to build up the NEAR ecosystem and create a major NEAR hub for the Americas.

  1. Expected Outcome (Impact)

We expect the events to:

-Heighten awareness of the blockchain and crypto landscape in Puerto Rico.
-Show real life use cases through our in-person cultural events.
-Provide a powerful and informative starting point for NEAR platform innovation.

  1. Metrics to Measure Success:

1.Once monthly filmed event to upload to social media.
2. Tickets to event will be facilitated by NEAR NFT ticketing solution.
3. Gather info of event attendees. (including: occupation, skills, current crypto affiliations, etc.)
4. Grow NEAR Puerto Rico social media following (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok)
5. Most importantly: provide ideal environment for NEAR startup incubator.
All of these metrics will be analyzed to grow the community in the right way, with the most talented builders

  1. Target Audience

-local developers from Universities
-existing crypto entrepreneurs
-College/university students
-Associations and investment groups

  1. Where/When:

Twice a month in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

-Capital of Puerto Rico.
-Financial and cultural hub.
-Crypto center of the Caribbean.

  1. Costs:

Total cost: (2 Events Monthly) : $3500

Venues: $1500
The main social event will be focused on generating interest in this competitive crypto landscape through a cultural lens. This will include venue booking, music, local cultural entertainers, and refreshments. The main event will be of a more broad scope, and the second event will be more technical for builders.

Marketing material: $500
We will incentive creatives who are in the burgeoning San Juan NFT space to be included in the events. After all, a strong cultural environment will differentiate our events from the other ones in the area. With these funds, we will have baseline bids for local artists who will raffle off their artwork. They will be on-site, creating physical artwork that will come with an NFT equivalent. I have many local artists who love and are committed to the concept. This will create a defined culture around the events, which will in turn attract developers and community support, which will keep them committed to the ecosystem. Culture is of utmost importance for longevity and retention of talent.

Staff: $1500
This is a passion project for me, but I will need help from talented videographers and fellow event organizers to see this project to fruition. We will record content from our monthly speaker to YouTube, so we can have a reach beyond the in-person event. This includes tech rentals (speakers, cameras, lighting) and staff for the events.

Speakers: $0 (volunteer basis of existing influential crypto entrepreneur connections)


All of this event hosting and planning is for the ultimate goal of facilitating real development on NEAR protocol. We can stand out to the talented developers, and foster the connection to the crypto focused capital on the island. We have all of the necessary parts to build meaningful projects, and these events will bring it all together.

With the right attitude and grit, we will foster the perfect environment for real life impact that I am certain this technology is capable of. The time is now.


Has anyone reached out regarding this yet?


Do you guys made it? We are a Regional Hub from Brazil and it’ll be awesome if we could briefly speak about ways to manager a Latin’s community!

Reach me here or on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Near_Brasil