[PROPOSAL] Near metaverse Magazine n8

[PROPOSAL] Near metaverse Magazine n8

Creation of the NEAR Metaverse magazine n 8. Including writers, diagramming and a proofreader.


  • Writers:

We believe that having articles in the magazine, about the ecosystem, web3 and metaverse are important for the quality of the metaverse record. In depth content makes our history more memorable.

  • Diagramming:

The layout will give professionalism to the magazine. The layout will give better readability to the magazine. It will also organize the magazine sessions in a visual way. In addition will imbue the magazine with a theme in its visual communication.

  • Proofreader

We think that we are making quality material, and, to do so, it’s essential that the communication sound perfect, for this we send the final material of the magazine for our proofreader

the project

  • Writers (4 x 50USD) - 200USD
  • Diagramming and publishing - 500USD
  • Proofreader - 100USD


Week 1: contact writers and set with them themes and deadlines

Week 2: research for material and design

Week 3: join the material and diagramming the magazine

Week 4: send for proofreading; mint it and close the report

Final products

The number 8 diagrammed and revised magazine with at least 10 sections and approximately 50 pages, with ecosystem members’ texts minted on mintbase.

Subtotal: 800USD


[REPORT] Near metaverse magazine N8

Project participants


Project Status Completed

Project Accounting
we make the diagramming of the magazine with 38 pages and 11 topics
we continue with 2 of the last number writers and bring 2 more to talk about Brazil at NEAR.
Due to the delay on July funding we couldn’t make the campfire section.
We count with 4 writers: Jonadas, Woodward; The philosopher and Gabriel.
All the magazine have links to navigate for our external content

What we have accomplished in may
here is the minted magazine

We think that we achieve a great result in this last number with the format, sequence, writers and so on. We think we can create other new sections and try to stay in a theme every edition

Next Steps
Continue the magazine and start planning new formats (physical, maybe) and partnership with other daos (like Publisher DAO)