[PROPOSAL] NEAR Metaverse Magazine #5 – diagramming and magazine release

Proponent: beetlejuice
NEAR account for payment: beetle-juice.near
Project Timeline: april 22th- 30th

The main objective is the layout and diagramming of NEAR Metaverse Magazine number 5 and a premiere release of it in an Event hosted in Cryptovoxel

Justification (benefits):
The layout will give professionalism to the magazine.
The layout will give better readability to the magazine.
It will also organize the magazine sessions in a visual way.
In addition will imbuing the magazine with a theme in its visual communication.
The event will spread more the magazine.
The event always could bring people to the ecosystem with the proper divulgation
The event engage the community.

The project:
The layout of the magazine will take into account the content and the way to present it to your target audience. It will transform text and loose images into a concise proposit. It will treat the images and accommodate the texts in a way that makes them not only readable, but pleasant to read. The visual part will give a unit to the magazine, bringing the concept to be passed on.
The event will give the magazine a proper emphasis that it deserve.


April 22th

  • Receipt of material in the drive
  • Receipt of the sequence to be followed

April 23th

  • Creation of the grid and layout according to the proposed theme

April 24th

  • Imput of the textual material in the editing program
  • Imput of the images in the editing program (request for a new image if necessary)

April 25th - 28th

  • Text and image adjustments
  • organization and publicity of the event

April 29th

  • Submission for analysis and approval by the DAO
  • Last arrangements of the event

April 30th

  • file closing
  • Premiere of the Magazine n5 release
  • report

300 USD in DAI for the magazine diagramming
50 USD in DAI for pay a DJ for the event
50 USD to art for social media (2 posts: one with SAVE THE DATE ate the middle of the month, a second one with all the information of the parthy)
100 USD to produce the event
Total budget: 500USD

Final Products:
PDF file diagrammed with the final virtual version of NEAR Metaverse Magazine number #5
And the event




Diagramming Metaverse Magazine n5

Project Status: Completed 1/2

Project Timeline: april 23nd – 30th

Project Accounting:

The magazine is finished with 35 pages, 10 sections, 3 interviews, 3 ecosystem members articles


@electrobro was the NEAR Metaverse Magazine’s party DJ. We loved your set :smiley:

You can make your payout request of 50 DAI on our Astro DAO page.



@klarakopi was the proofreader for the magazine and can request payout on our Astro for the completed work.

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@klarakopi produced the event and can request payout on our Astro for the completed work :slight_smile:

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PROJECT REPORT - Proofreading NEAR Metaverse Magazine #5

Project Status: Completed

Project Timeline: May 01st – 02nd

Project Accounting: I’ve read the magazine and signalized the necessary gramatical and content (links, etc) corrections.

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PROJECT REPORT - Event production.

Project Status: Completed

Project Timeline: May 01st – 04th

Project Accounting: I’ve contacted @electrobro as a DJ for the event, decorated the parcel with images and links related to the NEAR Metaverse Magazine #5.

Images of the parcel and the event:

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[REPORT] Near Metaverse Magazine #5 – diagramming and magazine release - April 2022

Project participants

Magazine diagrammed by @beetlejuice 300usd

@Electrobro dj to event 50usd

art for social media by @beetlejuice 50usd

event produced by @klarakopi 100usd

Project Status Completed

Project Accounting

Even with a short time we succeed to finish the magazine in time

What we have accomplished in April

We diagrammed the magazine as you can see in its report (link)

The magazine is finished with 35 pages, 10 sections, 3 interviews, 3 ecosystem members articles

The release was share in our social media and in telegram groups

We made an event at May 4th after the art class day with 1hr duration.


We learn that was incredible make a big event day. We learn that making a release of the magazine was important to its divulgation. And setting the release after the class day was a great strategic move.

And we learned that maybe one post to the bounty is better than create one for each topic

Next Steps

We are compiled into make the magazine release again

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