[Proposal] NEAR Mass Adoption Lead - Stacy for Consideration and Vote

Gm, fam! :v:

I’m Stacy, head of marketing at Spin professing the principles of growth hacking and creative marketing in my job. With the relaunch of the Marketing DAO format, I am happy to propose the fam a few innovative and creative ideas on how to attract more people to NEAR Protocol that go beyond the standard marketing performance.

Long story short, my background summary:

  • 7 years in crypto marketing

  • ambassador of marketing-related threads on Twitter

  • ex-founder of a full-service crypto-focused marketing agency

  • 10 DeFi projects in portfolio

My vision:

Classic marketing in crypto is inefficient (high UAC, bad retention + end customers are mostly ads-blind). I suggest a different paradigm that goes beyond marketing and taps into product and BD thus creating a strong impulse that only needs coverage to start generating results.

Need an example? OK.

NEAR Adventure – an explore-to-earn platform that unites all the products in the ecosystem to to users to an incentivised, challenge-based, and gamified adventure with several life stages. Do you know Arbitrum’s Odyssey? It’s similar by concept, but better.

Imagine you connect your wallet to an onboarding platform, specify your interests, and unlock product challenges from different protocols complemented by educational articles and quizzes. This way, you farm rewards for learning how to use different products and are navigated wisely in the ecosystem. Aside from getting rewards, you farm XP that earns you level-confirming NFTs and finally shows that you’ve completed the adventure and navigate well in the NEAR environment. After you’ve tested a dozen of different projects, you definitely understand who’re your favourites.

Why do we need that?

  • Now, most NEAR dApps compete against each other rather than strive to become competitive in the global DeFi landscape. If we support and incentivise the influx of users from outside the ecosystem, dApps will have to outperform their peers on other chains to retain the user.
  • Projects often lack expertise or funding to acquire audience from outside the NEAR ecosystem (it’s more expensive than to promote on NEAR because you have two key conversion points in this case – the NEAR blockchain and the protocol itself). They need help from the Marketing DAO.
  • Anything launched by NEAR will definitely be several times more efficient in terms of marketing budget compared to a campaign launched by a certain dApp. NEAR Adventure will not require much money for promotion if it’s associated with NEAR Protocol.

In this example, I’m just showing the way I think and the type of ideas I can propose and manage. I’ve already requested dev quotes from a few dev teams to understand the preliminary budgets to bring this idea to life.

I strongly believe that examples and deeds speak better than 1,000 words about your experience, that’s why I format my proposal in such a way. The current marketing strategy of NEAR doesn’t seem to me to be efficient, and we definitely need to fuel it with more creative efforts TOGETHER.

So, wagmi, my friends :flying_saucer:


Hi @Stacy_Muur , Great idea here. I am not able to understand if this proposal is for Marketing category NDC Lead or a proposal to run your marketing project ?


Thank you! This is a proposal for Marketing NDC Lead with just an example of ideas I plan to push.


Interested to know ways you intend on getting NEAR adopted in mass